Never Say Never

Mom used to say, "Never say never." She was right. I thought my ex-lover from several years ago, Monkey Boy, left town never to return last year. I never thought I'd ever have anything to do with him again. 

Never say never.

For the past three years Monkey Boy and I have reacted like repelling magnets. It didn't help matters that the instigator, the lonely local postal worker known as "Gossip Girl" for his propensity towards, yes, gossip, has provoked us over the years. Gossip Girl is his friend and my daily acquaintance as I do need to pick up my mail from the post office.

Gossip Girl sucked me into his heavy handed games when he opened his mouth and said, "Monkey Boy says you're in love with him." Monkey Boy and I battled in front of Gossip Girl several times, to his amusement and our chagrin. Then, Monkey Boy left town for good, I thought, believing I'll never have to deal with him again.

Fast forward one year. 

Monkey Boy is back and in the thick of things once more. Over the past month we had been thrust together to help out a friend. It was a matter of timing, availability and matching skills. When he heard I was also going to be involved, he initially jumped out of his skin. Gotta hand it to him, though - he didn't balk and said, "Sure, I'm in."

Once together, alone, we stared at each other until he mumbled, "I read your blog posts about me."

Right then, I wanted to die. Never in my wildest imagination did it ever cross my mind he'd read my blog. As if that weren't embarrassing enough, he continued, "You do know I like you a lot."

Which makes me wonder about what life would've been if he didn't like me a lot. Makes me wonder what it takes to get him angry at me outside of making him sound like an undesirable pet in my blog posts. Hell, in my posts I called him, "Golden Cock" and wrote his head was misshapen.

The other day in passing, he said to me, "Please, Maura, you know how much I love you, but -" He stopped short from completing the sentence, recognizing he made the faux pas of the century. 

Everyone around us screeched to a halt. 

Even one man walking by heard this admission. 

When he saw my face light up with cruel delight, knowing I can antagonize him for the next decade, he almost crumpled. 

Pretty soon, he'll leave to work out of the area for the winter months. I'd love to say I'll never see him again, but you know my luck.

# # #

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