Infomercial Time!

These Festive Hand-Crafted Artisan Holiday Cookies can be YOURS for $20 (not including shipping & handling)

Ha! Bet you were expecting me to promote my books! Got ya!

My friend, Jane, is an artisan baker in the small town of Kauneonga Lake in New York at The Bake House. She was a former artist and illustrator who changed directions and poured her artistry in baking. 

The Bake House is known for its quality artisan goods. That means no preservatives, no additives, using only top of the line ingredients. The breads are legendary as are the tarts, pastries, quiches, soups and cookies.

I know firsthand that Jane spent oodles of time hand-crafting this array of these delightful cookies for the holiday season for I watched her toil while I sipped coffee brewed from her bakery. 

Each package is 1lb for only $20 (not including shipping, handling and taxes). 

Feel free to call The Bake House at: 845-583-5800 to order now!

The Bake House
10 Horse Shoe Drive
Kauneonga Lake, NY 12749

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PS: Don’t worry, I’ll do my customary infomercial soon!

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