Another Customer Service Tirade...

As some of the more frequent readers of my blog know, I’m plagued by poor service. I believe I was born to be a consumer product tester as nothing ever seems to work for me. In fact, the things which occur astonish the companies as well because they insist, “I’ve never heard ANYTHING like that!”


I’ve had epic battles with Apple, AT&T, amazon, NYSEG, UPS, FedEx, USPS  and my personal fav, Time-Warner Cable. I spend more time on the phone with customer service than with the people I love. And it kills me because I suffer from rare neurological deafness diseases. So, even if I win and get credited or even get my service back, I lose for the pain I suffer just doesn’t seem worthwhile to have internet or phone or electricity or receiving lingerie from strange e-men.

This particular story of misery started over a year ago when a tree fell on my utility shed due to Hurricane Sandy. Before the tree crashed down, it yanked out my Time-Warner internet cable. I believe I wrote about that ordeal  in one of my earlier posts, however, I’ll sum my story up here:

Imagine a stunning middle-aged woman with great teeth and big tits all alone in her cottage, a 100-year old quasi-insulated cabin on stilts. She peers out her window to see during a hurricane the neighbor’s tree break, hop across the street and fall on the power lines, yanking them out. That’s the onset of our heroine’s saga. After power was restored eight days later, she discovers she has NO INTERNET! After countless arguments with Time-Warner Cable since she was the ONLY ONE in her neighborhood without internet service and the next scheduled appointment was after Thanksgiving, a month away, she took initiative and approached a Time-Warner technician who eats at the local cafe. He thwarted her advances for one week until he succumbed. And that’s how she got her internet restored, three weeks or so after Hurricane Sandy. Afterwards, it only took our heroine a mere nine months to get credit placed on her account for that outage. Another tirade, another time.

My new Time-Warner Cable story starts below through my hub page diary:

Time-Warner Cable Ruined My Christmas Celebration

Submitted December 25th, 2013

I couldn’t wait for Christmas this year. I decided to spend the night before and the day of watching movies online using my Time-Warner cable internet service. For me, this is a big deal because I no longer have patience to sit down, let alone hear the movies due to my neurological deafness diseases. But this was what I wanted.

The only problem was, Time-Warner Cable decided the night before Christmas to not provide me with internet service. Only tonight I have snatches of service in order to post this blog piece. When I asked them why, of all the days in the year, why now, they didn’t respond. Of course, I have to contort my entire life in order to fit into their schedule. Hopefully, tomorrow, they’ll send someone over, but they’ve yet to confirm the appointment.

Which is why I find it comical they expect me to pay my bills on time. I can’t rely on their service so why should they rely on timely payments from me? And, why should I pay 100% when I only receive 50% service?

Quid pro quo is what I say.

The Time-Warner Cable Saga Continues

Submitted December 26th, 2013 

I phoned Time-Warner Cable Tuesday late afternoon. As usual, the rare times I dedicate to using my internet at home, Time-Warner Cable never delivers. What made it worse is that I wanted to watch online movies throughout Tuesday night and Wednesday, Christmas.

When I spoke to the customer rep at Time-Warner Cable on Tuesday, she said, “We’ll set up an appointment for you on Thursday from 3 to 4 in the afternoon. We’ll call you three times before then. Please respond to one of these automated calls to confirm the appointment.”

Of course, I never received any calls. I just phoned them now and they said, “What?” “Who?” “When?” “You’ve an appointment?"

I spent an hour on customer service before I was forwarded to super duper customer service. Of course, the original rep yanked my chain and now they’re scrambling to see if they can give me an appointment before the end of 2018.

Of course, they expect 100% payment for 30% service. On time.

The Time-Warner Cable Saga - Finale... for the Time Being...

Submitted December 27th, 2013 

To recap: The night before Christmas and throughout Christmas on, I didn’t have internet cable access. Of course, that was the time I wanted to watch internet movies. *sigh* Time-Warner Cable scheduled a repair appointment for the day after Christmas. I found out that morning that they never scheduled it and spent over an hour on the phone with their customer service reps to schedule an appointment for another day.

Yesterday, I returned home, tired and disgusted with the fact that once again Time-Warner Cable let me down. I decided to go for a power nap, but someone knocked at my door. Lo and behold, it was a Time-Warner Cable repairman!!

“I was at your town earlier today and ran a diagnostic,” he informed me. “Yep, you’re right. There’s something definitely wrong with your service.” With that, he left the house and returned minutes later, holding some sort of plug in his hand. “I got rid of this. They’re fuses so you can’t access tv. They’re made so poorly they break down.” Turns out it was newly installed in my cable line.

“Why do they bother to make them if they break down so easily?”

“To make sure that guys like me have jobs."

Which means that I was denied internet service because of a defective fuse to prohibit me from abusing their system. Nice. Can’t wait for the next installment of why I don’t have access to internet service. Always eye opening, Time-Warner Cable.


Submitted December 30th, 2013 

If I conducted business the way Time-Warner Cable does, I’d be bankrupt overnight. My tales of woe with Time-Warner have been on-going for twenty years. The other day I realized I spend more time dealing with Time-Warner Cable and speaking to them on the phone than I do with people I love.

That definitely irks me. Especially since I can barely hear and get headaches each and every time I use the phone.

Again, my service went out. It seems that the service repair only four days ago didn’t hold up. Duct tape and spit usually doesn’t last in the wintertime. This round, it seems it’s my fault for having the audacity to phone in again complaining I’ve no service. Now I have to wait 5 days to get a repair person to come here when I’m available since they shortened their hours.


I don’t understand Time-Warner Cable. They want me to pay on time 100% of the bill, yet I receive 30% service at THEIR leisure. It simply doesn’t compute.

Time-Warner Cable Saga Continues...

Submitted  January 03rd, 2014 

It’s been 1 1/2 weeks since my cable service has been rendered inoperable. It was already ‘repaired’ a week or so ago. Actually, it could’ve been longer back in time - I’m losing ground here keeping track. At any rate, not even a few days went by since the first repair when service went down. Again.

This round, I had to wait five days for a repair person to stop by. That’s because Time-Warner Cable cut back hours for repairs in homage to the holiday. It seems that my availability is an inconvenience to Time-Warner Cable. I have to change my life around to accommodate their shorter holiday schedule.

And they call it a service industry!!

The repair guy came earlier than scheduled. He actually had the temerity to say to me, “Sometimes the cable doesn’t work in cold weather.”

That’s when I knew I had a live one.

Finally, after tramping in the snow around my house, he deduced there’s something wrong with the cable OUTSIDE of my home. Meaning, I didn’t have to contort my life to accommodate Time-Warner Cable. He then spent an hour in the trees where the cable’s located. Upon re-entering my home, he said, “Say, will you be around this time tomorrow?”

“No,” I said. “You mean to tell me I have to change my life around for the third time because it’s still not repaired?”

He gulped. “Well, I believe it’s repaired. I just want someone else to check my work.”

“I don’t need to be home for that,” I informed him. That’s when I had the recurring thought: out of 26 million unemployed Americans, this is what has a job.

Something tells me that Time-Warner Cable visits will be a customary part of my daily schedule.

UNBELIEVABLE! NO TIme-Warner Cable Internet Service AGAIN!

Submitted January 03rd, 2014 

After 20 years of misery dealing with Time-Warner Cable, I’ve come to the conclusion that they don’t want me as a client. They’re doing so well financially, they don’t need my money. For, not only did their repairman NOT know what he was doing, the service crashed an hour after he left.

To top it off, I had to make TWO phone calls to Time-Warner Cable to get SOMEONE out there with experience to make the repair. It’s in the FRIGGING POLES NOT in my house! As I said to Time-Warner Cable customer service, there are 26 million unemployed Americans. I’m sure Time-Warner Cable can hire ONE who can do the job. To inconvenience me because they don’t have trained workers is unacceptable.

Time-Warner Cable supposedly specializes in cable service. Perhaps another company will do a better job.

Incidentally, the super-duper customer service reps have yet to phone me back. I was told they would in an hour. Why doesn’t that surprise me in the least?

It Just Keeps Getting Better

Submitted  January 04th, 2014 
I returned home late this afternoon to see a Time-Warner van parked in front of my driveway. And a 20’ high extension ladder propped up on the cable wire. Inside the van sat the same repairman who was here yesterday. The one I wrote about who didn’t know what he was doing and wanted “someone to check my work.”

At that moment, I knew I was doomed. I’ll never get internet again.

After I parked the car, I went to his van and tapped at his window. He ignored me. I pounded on it this time. He opened it a sliver and said, “I’m working on it with my office."

I left him and went inside my house. Half an hour later, I received a phone call from the Super Duper Customer Service.

“Why did you assign the same guy two days in a row?” I asked. “He admitted he didn’t know what he was doing yesterday. As if he’ll learn his job overnight?”

The woman checked her records and yelped, “What the hell?”

Luckily, that motivated her to schedule an urgent repair job for tomorrow. At this rate, I may get internet cable by spring.

So, another consumer service rant is now over. Until the next time...

# # #

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