Damn It, Janet! INFOMERCIAL TIME!! {Here We Go AGAIN!}

I found out the other day that someone I know who wrote a shitty book is getting major support and coverage.

That pisses me off. Big time.

I wrote a fucking terrific novel, Five-Star FLEECING, that got great reviews, awards, honors and I still need to push it.

So here I am, feeling like a used car salesman.

Besides all the reviews that are on goodreads (13) and amazon (all 14 that were permitted), I’ve one feather in my cap:


For those of you who don’t know the doyenne of well-written best-selling romance novels, well, Ms. Bradford is an international literary success. To have such a literary staple, a best-selling author endorse my work on goodreads must mean one thing:


By the way, here are the snapshots so you don’t think I’m full of shit:

Do you see “Five-Star FLEECING” under the caption, “Barbara’s favorite books”?

Now you see me at Barbara’s Favorite Authors. Impressed yet??

I do thank all the fans who’ve sent me emails, DMs, messages, etc stating how much you’ve enjoyed Five-Star FLEECING. Looking at goodreads and amazon, you’d think only 27 people read the book when in actuality over 12,000 people did!

To sweeten the deal, I’m offering a signed copy of Five-Star FLEECING for $10.00 (not including a mere $3.99 for shipping and handling for continental US). Just send an email to: and we’ll work out the details as I’m rather new at this direct selling. I may send Thor over for payment.

# # #

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