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It’s not every day I get a wonderful review from a book now incorporated into eDating the Old School Way:

Friday Fiction Feature
Salutations and welcome back to the Friday Fiction Feature. Tabatha here once again to share more adventures in teaching. It seems one primary goal of college freshmen is to make their instructor feel old (and cripes I’m only 23!), whether it be through complete ignorance of the 1990′s or a blank stare after I say “cripes.” The latest proof that anyone over 20 is old is the realization that we speak a different language. A student recently explained that words I thought were only underused (read: too long for twitter) are in fact dead language. So today, I am out to refute the assertion with titles fraught with just the scarce wordage which have erroneously been designated as jargon.

Zombie Men, eDating and Mastication by Maura Stone
Here we join two often oppositional worlds: the internet and vocabulary expansion. In just the title of Zombie Men, eDating and Mastication (eDating Advice from the Bubbameistah #1) Maura Stone combines the rhetorically fast and loose world of online self-presentation with vocabulary guaranteed to send an internet reader to the dictionary.
Zombie Men, eDating and MasticationThe first and only comedic dating ebook which dispenses advice to mortal women about the pitfalls of meeting zombie men online. A must read as they’re taking over the internet.
Known for her once-in-a-generation wit and great writing style, Ms. Stone wrote the ONLY comedy advice books about online dating under the series, eDating Advice from the BubbameistahZombie Men, eDating and Mastication is a parody of the first book of the dating series, Men, eDating and Mast*****ion, itself a parody of a best-selling dating book. These books help women discern the types of men who frequent dating sites. In the Special Edition, Ms. Stone kicks it up a notch or two and brings in the zombie element, targeted to the undead enthusiasts.
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