A Genital Wart that Never Goes Away... M Butterfly

And the award goes to...


All I can say is that this is one genital wart that simply won’t disappear. Too many of my blog posts are about him. For each time I believe he’s over and done with, he pops up again. Isn’t that what occurs with genital warts?

This story of strife and misery is complicated by yours truly. You see, I’ve noticed a radical change around the Butterfly. Mind you, he ain’t no spring chicken, yet lately, he resembles one. Rather, he reminds me of T Rex with short arms, major hind legs, immense tuches and a grimace of a smile. Like this critter:

I’m rather stupefied by the resemblance!

At any rate, the Butterfly, never a slave to good taste insofar as many things, but, in particular, to fashion, won’t remove his soiled orange pantsuit, muddy white knee socks and torn sneakers. I remember the time a few months ago when he bathed and washed his clothes.

But no more.

No one seems unnerved by this except me. Not even his children who suck at his teats or rather the profits from his seasonal tourist-trap of a restaurant, The Deathtrap. {It’s really called, “Madame Butterfly” yet poses a hazard to all those who eat there.}

Mind you, he owns and operates a high-end restaurant that features a homeless man who lives inside the dining room full-time. Lately, the homeless man and the Butterfly have become indistinguishable.

Besides his filthy attire, I noticed his personality changes as well, like the way he snaps to anger, laughter and the maniacal grin in succession over nanoseconds. Perhaps he was always this crazy and I was the last to notice.

I mentioned it to another long-standing member of the community who said, “I knew the motherfucker ten years ago and he was crazy as a loon back then.”

Still, concerned as I am, I mentioned to several people: “Has anyone noticed that the Butterfly is wearing the same clothes all the time, unkempt, walking around and talking to himself? At his age, isn’t this an indication of the onset of senior dementia? Why do his children, adults themselves, allow him to live like this?”

Invariably, word got out. Someone told M Butterfly who collared me today at the local cafe.

“I can’t believe you told my best friend I’m demented,” he stated in anger.

“I never said that,” I clarified. “I stated that I believe you’ve the onset of senior dementia.”

He screamed and shouted.

I shrugged and said, “You see? You’re proving it right now.”

But that wasn’t why he was there. It was to accost my friend. We’ve come to the realization that he picks fights with people as a form of sexual arousal. The sick motherfucker gets turned on by antagonizing others.

He’s been one fucking horny asshole lately as he keeps antagonizing my friend, entering her cafe numerous times during the day. It’s no secret he gets off on being belligerent and hostile. What he has yet to understand is that EVERYONE knows this is the only way he can get off. Kinda makes his hostility even more... icky...

Sadly, this story doesn’t have a happy ending... for me.

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