Blame it on the Poltergeists

Conspiracy theorist that I am, I’m still not convinced about poltergeists roaming the planet.

Until now.

Yesterday morning, my friend texted me: Can’t get into the cafe as all my furniture was pushed in front of the door impeding entry.

HOLY SHIT! I stopped languishing in bed at 9am, threw on some clothes and drove the 1/8 of a mile to her cafe.

Inside, all her furniture, furnishings and artwork were shoved to one side of her cafe, blocking her main door and bathroom. The other door, a side door, was still locked from inside; only the landlord has the key.

She phoned the police who responded. “Even though we may venture to guess it may be the landlord, we can’t say who committed this crime,” they said.

It only leads me to believe the cafe is plagued with:


This is quite scary.

My friend’s customers put everything back including the carpets and artwork. Since I’m a loyal customer, my friend gave me a key to the front door to use when I don’t want to wait around for her to arrive. Another loyal customer met me at the main door of the cafe early this morning and we saw that the POLTERGEISTS STRUCK AGAIN!

Even though we now can prove it’s the landlord, still, it resembles a scene out of countless poltergeist movies. Perhaps a new movie about a maniacal landlord who pretends to have the onset of senior dementia when, in actuality, is possessed by the undead.

# # #

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