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Hey - live and learn. I posted an excerpt on this blog from my friend, Stacey Roberts’ new book, Trailer Trash, With a Girl’s Name (Click here to read!). Within minutes, he got lots of sales. 

“Hmmm,” I thought, marketing genius that I am (it goes to show the worth of an MBA in marketing), perhaps I’m on to something. Then again, the excerpt I placed from Trailer Trash, With a Girl’s Name was exceptionally funny.

To give you an idea of the beauty, joy, porn and fun contained within Secrets & Seduction by Cheri Blossum, a Voltarian response to 50 Shades, please find below an excerpt:

Martin felt desperate; the panic attacks started anew. After eight years of anything remotely resembling a blissful marriage with the love of his life, he could no longer have sex with her. It wasn’t that Tal branched out into mainstream porn with other men. It had more to do with the fact that she did the same things to other men for money that she used to do uniquely to him. That she no longer did for him.
Gone were the days when she lashed him with a whip, set his cock on fire and defecated on his face. Those actions were reserved for her new sex slaves who paid thousands of dollars for abuse, to stay in a metal cage for days on end, to lick her boots and clean the apartment. He returned home from work to find a man dressed in latex with a leash around his neck and holes to expose his orifices licking the toilet bowl clean.
“Hey, Tal, what the hell? Why can’t I have one relaxed private evening?”
“Baby, he’s paying thousands of dollars. You only pay rent, utilities and medical bills.”
“What about my inheritance?” he wailed. The prior month, his mother’s sister left him with $10,000, which he promptly handed over to his wife instead of spending a penny on things he needed, namely good clothes, dentistry and a haircut. She put that money to good use and wore top–of–the–line designer outfits whereas he purchased his clothes from thrift shops. She dined out almost every night with other Dom girlfriends/lovers at top quality steak restaurants while he sat home alone eating cold pizza and stale cereal in the kitchen.
“What about it? What have you done for me lately?” she asked, eyebrows arched, hands on hips.
Encouraged by the possibility of being physically punished, he pushed the envelope. “Wasn’t my inheritance enough?”
She spat in his face. “You’re old news.” She turned away to dictate orders to her new slave.
He reached forward and pulled her arm. “At least, Tal, one last favor for old time’s sake?”
She shrugged. “Oh–kay. You’re a whiny child. I’ll give you something to remember.”
Docilely, he followed her into the den where there was a massage table in the center of the room. Rapidly, he undressed and laid down. She attached manacles on his wrists and ankles and duct–taped him from head to toe except for his nose, mouth and groin. She placed an iron cap on his cock, electrodes on his testicles and rammed an electric dildo up his ass. With an evil grin, she flicked a switch. His body levitated from the table and he let loose a howl of agony. Two hours’ later she checked on him and watched his left leg listlessly twitch.
She ripped the duct tape off; he barely responded.
“Martin, are you okay?” she asked without a scintilla of worry. He had recently signed the lease over to her. “Shit, I should’ve gotten an insurance policy,” she muttered in anger.
Tal must’ve felt guilt for she spent a week home taking care of him. Or perhaps it was fear she might be tried for attempted murder. In that vein, she never brought him to the hospital, but nursed him in their bed. Bit by bit, his motor skills improved and an iota of mental acuity because Martin realized he nearly lost his life at the hands of a psychopath.

On sale now for $14.95 (including shipping and handling for continental US only). The ONLY way to purchase the soft copy edition is through: 

Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

Wait till you see the packaging!!

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