What a Free Meal Can Buy

Every time I read or hear that the economy’s improving, I laugh. Ruefully. That’s bullshit. Because, in my small town, a free meal can buy loyalty and fealty far more than any vows, oaths, commitments, contracts, ties and client-attorney privilege.

It always surprises me how much one lousy subpar meal can make people run over their loved ones twice in reverse, shoot dogs, break the law as a form of reciprocity.

I have witnessed crimes perpetrated in one single month by M Butterfly, the owner of M Butterfly Restaurant aka The Deathtrap as follows:

Breaking and entering
Destruction of Municipal Property
Character Assassination
Refusal to pay for services from vendors, employees and contractors
Health Department violations
Building Department code violations

Yet, all of these crimes went POOF! the moment a free meal was served.

Unlike you and me, who would be tossed into prison for perpetuity, M Butterfly rules the roost.


That’s all it took, one free meal.

I’m trying to swing a deal as well. Perhaps I should commit a crime in exchange for a free book. Let’s see how that works out...

# # #

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