Arrogance and Stupidity

I write fairly frequently here and elsewhere about people who don't have boundaries. I know it’s a repetitive topic, but I simply must relate this one because it’s a doozy.

To recap, I was polite to an old guy who is a devoted Scripture reciter and allowed him last year to come over and swim on my property when he wants. He introduced me to an old bat who I met several times over the years. She ignored me until it suited her needs.

She wanted me to write a grant proposal for her to get funds. The thing is, the woman didn't want to pay me for my services. In my very special diplomatic way, I told her, "No fucking way."

At that moment the world stopped rotating.

In wake of my refusal, the woman spent the winter sending me crazy-ass shitty emails which, for the most part, I ignored. The old man vamoosed over the winter until spring when I saw him in the local cafe. Each time we interacted, brief at best, he was rude and insolent because I refuse to enrich his friend for free.

He did little actions to hurt and/or enrage me. For example, he’s well aware that sound is my enemy. So what does this schmuck do? He brought into the local cafe a boom box and blasted the 1810 Overture! Even my friend who runs the cafe ran over to him.

“Hey - you know Maura can’t tolerate that sound!”

He sneered. “So what?”

She responded, “Even I can’t deal with this! TURN THIS SHIT OFF!”

That’s one of the more innocuous things he has done outside of openly being nasty to me, e.g., butting into my conversations and challenging me at every opportunity, insinuating I don’t know a thing even though he’s dumb as shit, ignorant and unable to process multi-syllabic words.

{One thing I learned - just because someone lives to a ripe old age doesn’t guarantee wisdom. All it means is that person had the good fortune to live long to the detriment of others.}

All this shit because I refuse to enrich his friend for free.

What amazes me is this past month he has driven over to my house, walked past me seated on the deck and went swimming at my house!

The first four times, I ignored him. But the last time he shouted my name.

“I don’t want to talk to you,” I said and went into my house. Up here where I reside, it’s always best to have witnesses when you ream someone out for behaving like a moron. That’s because what I say and what ensues is not what they recount. Then again, those with whom I’ve had such interactions possess the mental age of a simian and the maturity of cardboard. Complex concepts like respect, having boundaries and acting your age defies them.

Even so, I do have to thank these assholes. It’s like living in the snake pit. Sooner or later you’ll have to grow up and self-actualize otherwise you’ll descend into their madness.

Sometimes when I describe these situations to my friends, they believe I embellish or exaggerate the conversations or behaviors. Yet, I lack the creativity to make this shit up!!

That’s why I didn’t say a word until I had a witness or two.

Luckily, it occurred the very next day. As timing had it, he entered the local cafe right after I explained to my friend, the proprietor, what occurred.

I went up to him. “Listen, you can’t come over to my house to swim.”

He ignored me and physically turned his back.

My friend went up to him. “Listen, you can’t treat her bad and then go over to her house and swim there. That’s not right and it’s called trespassing.”

He peered at my friend and said, “I’ve permission to come over any time I want.”

It was the first time I ever saw my friend dumbfounded. Her jaw literally hit the ground. She said, “But the person who gave you permission is the person you’re mistreating!”

He turned to me and said, “I’m teaching you a lesson. I don’t like your attitude.”


He continued, “I don’t like you and the way you treat others.”

Translation: Because I don’t want to enrich his friend, I’m a nasty shit and this piece of useless human flesh has to trespass to show me the error of my ways.

My girlfriend intervened. “If you don’t like her, then why the hell do you continue to swim at her place? Leave her alone!”

He groused, but finally relented.

Outside of his stupidity, ignorance and arrogance, there’s nothing else fascinating about the guy. But this story is excellent blog fodder.

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Journey McGuire said...

This is precisely why I prefer the company of animals to people.