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When you have a voice like mine, the ability to screech in four octaves with a Fran Dresser (The Nanny) Queens accent, you tend to shy away from interviews, especially LIVE ones on radio and blog radio. Toss in my quirky hearing and you got a disaster of an interview.

In this case, I tried to warn Donna Cavanagh, comedy writer and entrepreneur who created, that I’d be a disaster of an interviewee.

She laughed in the face of my pale imitation of Cassandra, prophetess of doom. “Don’t worry, it’ll be all right.”

During the interview, I whined, cringed, cried and laughed. {Eerily, it all sounded the same.} When I couldn’t hear what Donna said, or misinterpreted what she said, she moved to different topics, the action of a professional.

Then, she released the interview.

And I got good reviews.

That’s when I listened to it and realized I got most of the questions right, but missed a lot of Donna’s hysterical comments. Just like real life when Monkey Boy calls me a Grackle when I say, “What? What? What? What?”

Without any further ado, this is the link to hear me doing what I do best:

PS: Donna also announced that HO Press will re-release my comedy series about online dating! Don’t worry, there’ll be infomercials galore about this momentous event!!

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