Holy SHIT! UNFUCKING BELIEVABLE!!! With a Happy Ending! - UPDATE!!

I did NOT intend to do another infomercial, but fuck man, wait until you read this!

The ONLY way anyone can get a copy of “Secrets & Seduction” by Cheri Blossum is through me. PERIOD.

Unless they go through ebay.

Curious, I went on ebay and found, lo and behold, not only was there a copy for sale of this book, they showed the dedication page to Donna.

That hit me like a ton of bricks. Because Donna never received the book which I mailed through USPS along with “Five-Star FLEECING." Instead, a month later, I received a format letter from USPS in Atlanta that they found the envelope empty and sent me the address portion of the package. The format letter requested information of the contents for which they should search.

Well, I have no worries where my books went - “Secrets & Seduction” ended up on ebay, sold by bookcellartntom located in Crossville, TN, USA. Not only that, they put up a photo of the dedication Cheri wrote to DONNA!!


How about giving me GPS to find the motherfucking thief who works at USPS?

Needless to say, I went batshit crazy and shot off an ebay message to them. Within seconds, they removed the item. I phoned ebay customer service that bookcellartntom deals with stolen property and I want my book back.

No can do.

All I can say is that I can’t even send books anymore through USPS without them winding up on ebay. Does that mean that ebay items that're stolen through USPS will end up on amazon?

# # #

I never believed that there will be a happy ending to all this, but there is. Tom at bookcellartntom exhibited the utmost graciousness in wake of my vitriolic and insane emails. Yes, I do write nasty ass emails when I find my lost book on ebay. I also write nasty ass emails when my Apple computer is broken as well as responding to the lunatic fringe.

Getting back to the topic at hand, Tom received the book from USPS’ lost and found. The momzers didn’t even bother to search for my books, costing me $22 for the two plus $3.95 postage. You can only imagine the vitriolic emails and voice mails I left with them!!

Tom’s a real gentleman (or as we say on the ranch, a “mensche”) despite my hysterics and delisted the book. He also is mailing it back to me, paying the postage.

Now I wonder if the book will make its way to me or end up once again with USPS Lost and Found in Atlanta.

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Anonymous said...

Un-fucking-believable is right. I'm in awe of this whole ridiculous situation. Such thievery!

Author JK

CF Winn said...

So glad that you have a happy ending, and kind of sad that after I searched three different ways, I found that no one in USPS or ebay thought that my book was worth stealing...*sigh*'s to more happy endings in your future! CHEERS!