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Hurricane Sandy October 2012

And this, mes amis, is the mirror image from a local tornado on July 2, 2014!

And they say that lightening doesn’t strike twice in the same place... okay, let’s say that fallen trees do!

Yesterday, my friend was over my house when the skies suddenly darkened, rain poured down in buckets and the trees bent at 90 degree angles, almost reaching for the house to flick it from its piers. Moments later, I heard the electronic bleating, a warning from my cell phone: TORNADO! 

All at once, we heard a giant C R U N C H!

I know that sound. I heard that witnessing a massive 200 year old tree hop from my neighbor’s front lawn to the road until it landed on the power lines for the community, 50’ away.

After the tornado, rain and winds died down, my neighbor walked onto my lawn while my friend bolted out of my place. 

I don’t blame her - my house is made of windows and plywood. She has no idea how close to death she was... or perhaps she realized that during the storm.

“Holy shit!” he said. “It looks just like Hurricane Sandy.”

That’s when I knew the tree crashed on my utility shed. On the SAME EXACT SPOT as the full tree that fell on my utility shed during Hurricane Sandy although in a reverse direction.

With a groan, I left the house and turned around to see the mess. At the very least I’m thankful I never made the repairs, opting to use the whopping $324.00 from my insurance on more important things like food.

Last night, several people came over to view the disaster. I didn’t get upset when they took pictures to compare with those they took 1 1/2 years ago. While they watched, I spent an hour dragging tree limbs to the road getting covered with slugs and mud in the process. Afterwards, I jumped into the lake with a bar of soap and scrubbed.

I’m not finished with the clean-up, hell, I barely scratched the surface. My friend’s husband will chainsaw the tree from the house which is being incrementally crushed into the ground. Then, I’ll have to stack all those logs.

One could almost call this a deja vu moment.

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