Now This is Guts!

Somewhere in this blog, I wrote about Pat Condell ( He’s the most courageous comedian out there because he slams Muslims and Islam, supports Israel and mocks stupidity.

He’s also from the UK.

That makes Pat Condell even more exceptional for the English are notorious anti-Semites. If you don’t believe me - look what they did to their country allowing the Muslims to invade! You don’t need to go to the Middle East to experience ritual beheadings, child slavery and rape - just go to the streets in the UK!

Since this President likes to imitate the UK, given he modeled our national healthcare after the bankrupted one there, I guess he’s going the full hog to allow Sharia law onto our land, taking another page from our ally.

I don’t know how we can stop this Administration. All I know is that in two years, the US will be unrecognizable. I hear the goose-steps not too far away.

So, I salute Pat Condell who risks life and limb telling it the way it is and not what the media wants us to believe!

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