And it’s: INFOMERCIAL TIME!! Yes, A N O T H E R!

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My friend volunteered me to decorate her cafe for Halloween. She gave me a package of cardboard cartoonish characters with a batch of stickies full of assorted eyes, mouths, etc. to allow for creativity. These are the end results:

You’d think she’d know me by now.

Just when you thought it was safe to read this blog, well...

On that note, eDating the Old School Way, is the FUNNIEST book ever! Read the back cover reviews:

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“Maura Stone confirms what I’ve always believed about e-dating... #1 the person at the other end of your computer is probably using his penis to type creepy messages to you and #2 the only safe place to meet a man you’ve connected with online is a police station. Oh, and #3, Maura Stone is hilarious  on this subject. Want some real world advice about connecting in the digital world? Read this deliciously honest and somewhat terrifying book. Then throw out your computer.”

Heidi Clements, Executive Producer, “Baby Daddy,” and Author, “Welcome to Heidi”

“Maura Stone’s ‘eDating the Old School Way’ is an insightful and hilarious examination of the dubious world of edating and the people it attracts. Maura grabs the reader by the balls and quickly has them coughing - with laughter.”

Thomas Sullivan, Humorist and Author, “So Much Time, So Little Change”

“‘eDating the Old School Way’ is a no-holds-barred honest look at the rituals of online dating. I was captivated and entertained by the funny and edgy writing that kept me laughing and made me glad I am no longer single!”

Robin Savage, Stand-up Comic and Author, “Stand Up and Be a Lady"

And there you have it; true testimonials that should induce you to crack open your digital wallet!

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CF Winn said...

I can't wait to read your book! And I will work on getting 100 of my closest friends, stalkers, and wanna-be's to read it too!

maura stone said...

That’s so kind! BTW - are any of those stalkers single men?

CF Winn said...

LOL...Girl, that's a whole different book...