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Yes, that’s “Maura” to the right

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I was a sole woman among men in my former career that spanned 36 years. Because I was too “pretty” for what I did, that of a B2B analyst in a trading room, I wore mostly mannish suits and downplayed my feminine side. Because I was single, more than once co-workers accused me of either whoring with senior management for those well-earned promotions, bonuses and raises or being a lesbian.

At least both rumors were dispelled the older I got. 

And now, there’s a new tv show, Transparent, where the patriarch of a Jewish family in LA, Mort, decides at 70 he will no longer “dress like a man.” In other words, he’ll be a transgender woman. 

So guess what name he took: M A U R A!

Just my luck this show’ll be a hit.

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Not even two weeks passed and, as predicted, a Liberal on FB referred to me as an “unhappy transgender.” He’s offended and appalled that I quoted in the previous blog post Adolph Hitler to drive my point home about what’s going on in America today. In fact, one of his Liberal friends found those quotes “egregious,” but not ritual beheadings which take place not only overseas, but here in the US. 

I find it rather puzzling that a Liberal, meaning someone who’s all for gay rights, Muslim rights, right to behead people, uterine and reproductive rights, would ‘insult’ me by calling me a transgender.

It goes to show that Liberals aren’t all that liberal. I’m sure quite a few harbor anti-semitic, anti-gay, racist and misogynistic tendencies, but slather it all with smarmy feel-good platitudes which they will vehemently defend even beyond the borders of reason. It’s all a cover up of their own hatreds and prejudices. Which explains why they support all sorts of ‘can’t see the forest for the trees’ issues, especially those that will annihilate them one day.

So, I guess I’ll be Transgender Maura and will contact the writers of Transparent to change Mort’s name to something else. How about Cheri Blossum?

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