When Comedians Take Up Republican Causes... You Know The Tide Has Turned

Outside of the liberal sycophant, Gwyneth Paltrow, the rest of the world wonders what Barack HUSSEIN Obama meant when he claimed that America has improved “By every economic measure.”

I guess we didn’t take the same economic courses in B school.

Which reminds me of a joke from the 1930’s:

Homeless Man #1: Prosperity’s just around the corner.
Homeless Man #2: Yeah, it’s been there for a long time. I wish I knew which corner.

There comes a point when the scales tip. And this is it. As my mother used to say, “The pendulum swings back and forth ever so slowly.” The pendulum has swung where our president has passed the point of no return with his litany of strategic failures where even hard-core Democrats and Liberals stop and pause.

Because it ain’t funny no longer. The list has grown too long:

  • Ebola
  • Ritual beheadings aka Workplace Violence
  • Common Core
  • IRS targeting 
  • Benghazi
  • Bergdahl in exchange for terrorists
  • Anything Eric Holder touches
  • Obamacide healthcare
  • The ‘strong’ economy
  • ISIS at our shores

to name a few examples.

Strangely, mass media is mute unlike those simpler days when Baby Bush read a children’s book upside down during a pregnant pause of seven minutes while 9-11 occurred.

Which got tons of mileage. For years.

Still, I haven’t heard many jokes at all about this current president. Except the infamous empty chair, thanks to Clint Eastwood during the GOP Convention a few years ago. Sadly, it’s too true.

All I know is that my Democrat friends no longer want to be associated with the now-Communist party.

“I’m a common sense person, not a party person” stated a friend while decrying this administration, an administration she vociferously supported a mere year ago.

Whilst (ha ha - finally got to use this word)  disgruntled party advocates distance themselves from the present administration, it makes me wonder whether they’ll finally acknowledge that this president has deconstructed our country to the point of no return.

Again, I find nothing funny about this.

It’s not even funny when former Liberal/Democrat comedians have taken up the baton ever so slightly. Like Jon Stewart who suddenly has taken up issues held by the right: the Muslim invasion and government bail-outs.

Is this a wake up call? Is he feeling the pinch of socialism/Communism that goes straight to the pocket before civil rights are taken away? The same rights this comedian mocked for years?

Before I start in with my, “I told you so,” which is emblematic of the right that has been too right over the past several years, I found that the best way to show my support of the GOP is to purchase Papa Bush’s autographed socks.

It’s not really a support of the GOP, I really believe those socks would be a wonderful statement. Besides, similar to Papa, I’m a sockaholic.

Since I’m one of those impoverished authors, I can’t afford the $35 for vanity. I rather spend it on insulation for my 100 year-old cottage.

I tried to talk my friend’s husband into donating $35 to the GOP for a pair of those socks to give to me. He’s a staunch Republican and feels pretty much the same way as I do with this country and what’s been going on. Honestly, I almost had him hooked until his wife pointed out, “They’re rainbow colored.”

*sigh* Just can’t win.

# # #

PS: Great minds think alike. My friend, no doubt feeling guilt about the rainbow reference, gave me the following gift only minutes after I initially posted this piece:

Both Papa and Baby Signatures!!

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