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The Perfect Stocking Stuffers: One with advice, the other ignoring it...

The other day I visited my friend at her cafe after returning from town twenty miles away. I had to get aspirins because of an on-going sciatic attack which started from the toes in my left leg and continued up to my forehead.

“Say, aren’t you the writer?” asked a fellow patron there.

“Yes, I am.”

“I’m still talking about you and your idea for a children’s book,” he said, laughing.

I confided in this man months ago that I want to write a comedic children’s book for adults.  I already had a title, plot and illustrator. Hopefully, the project will start in two months.

“Well,” I said, “I just had another book published.” With that, I pulled out a copy of eDating the Old School Way from my knapsack.

“I’ll buy it!” he stated with glee. “Only if you sign it. And can we take a picture together so I can send it to my friends?”

His cafe companion rifled through the book after taking pictures of us. “Hey, this is funny. Can I buy a copy?”

“Do me a favor, guys. Please put up reviews on amazon and goodreads. People buy the book like crazy, esp. from me and so far, I’ve only four reviews online.”

Don’t take it from me - this is truly a funny book. In fact, all my books are funny. As a matter of fact,  I just received a new review for my first novel, Five-Star FLEECING where the reviewer wrote: "Ugh. I just finished and I'm still not sure if I like it or hate it. Stone is funny. There are some.... some.... parts that had me laughing out loud.

Getting back to eDating the Old School Way, recipient of 5-star reviews, the book has no plot, no characters outside of a guest appearance by Ernie from Accounting and narrated by the Bubbameistah, a busybody who knows better than you:

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SWEET MOTHERLY ADVICE: Photos posted online are the best shots ever taken in his life. Some are dated, like around twenty years before he developed that stomach flap and hunchback. Here’s another little clue about pictures: in two dimensions hooked noses flatten as do protruding teeth. Weak chins look full. Make sure he has snapshots with a big grin because missing teeth or ugly, stained gnarly teeth are remedied by a non–smiling photo. You want to be able to identify him from other people milling in front of the OTB.

Today I spent the day at another friend’s watching a tv marathon of 90 Day Fiance. O M F G! I bet the directors read my book for there’s no other explanation for what I saw. It was even better than Extreme Couponers, another series I couldn’t run away from.

Talking about train wrecks, the companion read to eDating the Old School Way is Cheri Blossum’s Secrets & Seductions. That book, as well, received 5-star reviews. It’s pretty much what may occur if one doesn’t heed the advice doled out by the Bubbameistah. It contains graphic porn, detailed bondage, a dash of romance and topped with comedy. A definite must-read!!

Also, newly released on amazon in soft cover!!

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These are two books that’ll make unique stocking stuffers. Really. Truly.

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