The Best Kept Secret

Before I met Michelle Calabrese

I’m turning 60 in a few months, yet I don’t look anywhere near decrepit anymore. It’s kinda disconcerting for men, in particular the locals without fingers and teeth and beer bellies who constantly try to pick me up. For I’m almost 30 years’ older than them.

When people ask me my secret, I lie and say, “Genetics.”

It’s not too much of a lie: my parents looked young until they died... at a relatively youngish age.

At any rate, I’ve always been one who loved skin care. When I was a teenager working as a babysitter in Paris for a dermatologist, she pulled me over. “Do you want the secret to unwrinkled skin?”

“Sure,” I responded, grateful for any tip.

“Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.”

I listened to her. Since then, there was only one month when I didn’t moisturize. My kid sister, seven years’ my junior, scoffed at me decades ago, “It doesn’t make a difference.”

It does now.

I’m also the Queen of Facials since a teen. The love started with my grandmother’s oatmeal and hydrogen peroxide mask. From a lifetime of facials and skin care products, some excellent, some horrible, I became an aficionado of sorts. I thought I knew all that was out there.

Until I met Michelle Calabrese.

It was kismet. It was fate. I swear I met her before in another life. Michelle could be my daughter chronologically speaking, but she’s my sister soul. She’s free to express spirituality and love. She adds this to her creativity, artistry, expertise in product and anti-aging non-invasive cutting-edge technology as a Master Aesthetician. In other words, she’s the REAL DEAL!

I’m no longer a wrinkled crone, but restored to my original youthful, natural, collagen-filled picture of health:

As a doctor once said to me, “I see before me a young woman. But when I close my eyes, I hear an old kvetch.”

# # #

Mind you, excellent skin care is not cheap. Should you want to set up an appointment at Michelle’s NY spa, she can be contacted at:

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