Part Infomercial/Part Reality

Based on true events!

The other day Jane and I watched the news at her café. It’s the perfect haunt for me: unlimited wireless, access to bathrooms, heat and terrific food. Not to mention nice and quiet. Jane’s rather surprised I haven’t totally moved in.

It was with a sense of déjà vu when we watched Sheldon Silver get arrested.

Jane whooped, “Remember two years ago?”

And we giggled.

Two years ago my favorite catfish made the front page of the New York Post as well as local news. That’s because the lunatic used his female avatar to support his boss at the New York Assembly, Sheldon Silver, with the Vito Lopez/sexual harassment/slush fund fiasco. (Read the story here!)

At that time, the catfish had a popular snarky e-magazine, The Lost Goddess, which he had to pull after he was outted as a man who posed as a woman online. He also had to pull it offline because he did that work from his job at the New York Assembly instead of working the job paid for by our taxes. I guess loyalty pays off because he wasn’t fired, but put on probation.

I WISH I had that kind of job!

Then, he kinda disappeared after months of maniacal tweets about the different ways he wants to kill. Me. He was upset that I refused to collaborate with him. {Should you want to understand the story fully, I suggest you read Secrets & Seduction.} Then, he re-emerged as Sara Pryce with a new e-magazine, Anti-Social Magazine. This one was HORRIBLE. He yanked that offline and I lost track of him for over a year.

Until I saw the news today, oh boy.

I quickly googled his name and lo and behold! Over that one year or so, he put up a NEW magazine under a NEW female avatar and got another woman to write for him! The new magazine basically rehashed articles from the initial one.

But what got him in trouble was his anger.

This time, he posted a tweet which enraged the nation:

And it all blew up.

DUDE LOOKS LIKE A LADY - Marion Frobisher AKA @ulcerMagazine SILENCED

Should you want details about this guy, feel free to follow this link: More FUN!

But, getting back to Secrets & Seduction, it’s a lovely read about a woman, a man, a catfish, a Dominatrix and a parrot.

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