Retribution is Ours

One thing I hate is a bully. In my town, we have a bully who gets away with being a bully because everyone says, “She’s crazy!”

“No she’s not,” I insist. “She learned long ago that when she behaves inappropriately, she can get away with it because people will think she’s crazy and dismiss her actions.”

It takes a sane mind to do that: systematically breaking people down. Gives her a wide berth to commit tons of felonious actions; she’s the only person in town who hires people - whether employees, laborers and contractors - and doesn’t pay them. AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!

“You know, if I did that, they’d burn my house down with me inside,” I complained. “How does she get away with it?”

My friend explained, “People don’t want to go to court. They fear she’ll badmouth them and they won’t get any work from her and her wealthy friends.”

Which is true - in a small town with high unemployment and little money, one bad word is the dividing line between barely making ends meet and living in dirt.

So, she gets work done FOR FREE!

That’s not the only thing she gets away with: Like screaming at me, “Suck my dick!” or calling me, “A fucking asshole.”

Imagine a fat, bespectacled grandmother shrieking that on the sidewalk! If I said anything back, well, we know she’ll cry, “How can you speak to a senior citizen like that?”

Luckily, I’m Jewish otherwise she’d call me an anti-semite.

Wait. Her campaign manager when she ran for mayor already did that. In two local newspapers.

Recently, she outdid herself by maligning my friends and me on open pages on Facebook and blast emails which is funny as she projected onto us how she feels about herself:

“... assassinates characters wherever she goes with lies and excuses for her own failure to live up to her obligations."

If I wrote about her the way she wrote about me, I’d be hauled into court for defamation of character.

It’s a no win situation.

Or was.

One good thing about a bully is that they believe they’re the smartest around and underestimate people. Like me.

I was in court last night with my friend. She had the misfortune of renting commercial space from the bully. The bully defied a legal contract her lawyer negotiated with my friend’s lawyer to evict my friend from the premises. Another thing I learned from the bully: Never be more successful and popular than your landlord. It’s a steep price to pay, namely, eviction.

Returning to the topic at hand, the contract specifies the terms and conditions to return the security deposit. Only the bully never read the contract she signed and withheld the security deposit. For FIVE MONTHS!

From negotiating legal instruments, in particular, CONTRACTS, for 36 years as a banker, I know a thing or two. I also knew the judge would rule in my friend’s favor as it was a cut and dry case. Too bad the bully didn’t know that.

“Oh, I have papers at home. Let me run out and bring them back in!”

The judge stared at the bully. “This is your trial and now’s the time to present your case.”

“But I didn’t know-”

The judge cut her off. “I’m sorry, but keeping someone’s security deposit for so long, not the 14 days as specified in the contract you signed, is not good for you.”

The second case against the bully was even easier. In a nutshell, my friend put in a water purification system for her business from which the bully and her other commercial as well as residential tenants benefitted. The bully placed in writing that she would reimburse my friend for a third of the cost which she didn’t. To top it off, when my friend vacated the premises, the bully locked the room and illegally seized the equipment.

The judge ruled in my friend’s favor for the bully benefitted from the system for her other commercial tenants (namely, herself).

To say the bully was furious is an understatement. So much so, the judge held us back from leaving until we thought the bully left and then had a court officer escort us to our cars.

The truth of the matter is this: things are changing in my county. We’re getting a casino, theme park, spa, hotels and top of the line restaurants. All of these require laborers and guess what? they pay!!

The vise-like grip that the bully and others in her cabal held on us is going away. In fact, I predict in two years that the bully will go belly up. And the cabal will dismantle.

For we’re getting a whole new gang in town.

# # #


tom randazzo said...

Guessing The Fat Lady is Singing the Blues

Tiffany Levy said...

Fat Lady is going to karma hell for sure. I remember her candidate signs for mayor and laughing.. Thanks for reminding me. I laughed again.Just because you have money doesn't mean you should be doing and getting your way...