So Where Are the Liberals Now???

Islam, the peaceful religion

A month ago, I posted an Islamaphobic comment. It actually wasn’t Islamaphobic, but today’s strategy in muzzling dissent is to call anyone who criticizes anything a “---phobic” or even better, “racist.”

I can deal with it - two years ago, I was called an “anti-Semite” in my local newspapers because I criticized the Hasidic cult.

At the very least, I should be called an equal opportunity misanthrope as I don’t discriminate in my criticisms. Actually, I belong to the new class of Americans: The Common Sensors. We’re tired of the politically correct mode which is equivalent to the scene in Equus where the protagonist blinded his horses rather than admit his sexual attraction to them. Or something of that sort.

It’s gotten to be so frigging liberal that few can see the forest for the trees.

Getting back to Islamaphobia, two months ago or so, I posted a news article about rapes in Norway on my Facebook page. It turns out that 100% of the rapes committed against Norwegian women were from Muslims. 100%. And I got this response from a liberal woman:

I just wrote a ten-page paper on the dangers of making assumptions about Muslim women and the Islamophobia causes. Again, as with other things you've posted, this post reeks of unreliability - if Fox News and Michelle Bachmann have taught me anything, it's that just because you see something on a "news" channel does NOT mean it's true - statistically or otherwise.

I have passed this on to a friend who is a Middle Eastern scholar for verification or "debunking" - I'll let you know what I find out.

While I still await with bated breath this woman’s response {something tells me she’ll never get back to me}, I’m truly mystified that an educated woman supports the current status of women in the Muslim world: wearing burkas, segregated from men, victims of child marriages and rape, not to mention the lovely ritual of genital mutilation followed with a sequestered and cloistered existence without access to education and no rights whatsoever.

But what do I know? I’m a hater all right. Only a hater would point out the above.

I’ve written about it years ago in this blog, but I’m shocked that the gay and lesbian community doesn’t cry in outrage when gay Muslims are hurled from office buildings, imprisoned and stoned to death. They’re as quiet as the moderate Muslims who insist they’re nothing like the jihadists.

Now that the world knows another terrorist plot is in store for us, one that’ll surpass 2001, frankly, I’m amazed at the complacency not only in the US, but in Europe. France quickly forgot Je Suis Charlie, the UK doesn’t arrest any Muslims in the sex child rings and Sweden fell down the rabbit hole.

I never got to write about these things in response to this woman. Because I, a hater, am still polite. I also learned that to argue with an idiot only makes you an idiot as well.

Today, I posted on Facebook the video of the Jordanian pilot set on fire in a cage and wrote: If this is what they do to their fellow Muslims, imagine what’s in store for us! {Since the clip is from Fox News, don’t trust it!}

I was shocked to shit when someone wrote this:

 It disgusts me that you posted this.


The logic of that statement is that he finds it offensive that I posted the video, but it’s okay for terrorists to set someone on fire in a cage. Or maybe it’s not okay what I wrote, but it’s okay for terrorists to set someone on fire in a cage. Either way, I find that statement incredibly offensive. But I’m a hater.

And the educated woman? She didn’t respond on my Facebook post to defend Muslims.

I wonder why.

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