The Fumblers

Qui, moi?

When I was a credit analyst, I studied past evil American corporate tactics, e.g., how United Brands fought the Panamanian government to cement their banana business, how Enron polluted regions in India with the Dabhol power plant project and how the CIA worked close with American corporations to overthrow governments throughout the world.

It took y e a r s to figure out the CIA connection from experts in the field. Some coups worked, some didn’t. At least, though, they were done expertly. With professionals who knew what they were doing.

Unlike today. We got ourselves a group of amateurs.

Take, for instance, Obama’s heavy-handed attempt to change politics in Israel.

Even after abusing taxpayer money by sending campaign people to Israel, the Obama administration still couldn't thwart a prime minister being re-elected in a country the size of New Jersey with a population equivalent to Manhattan and its boroughs. A prime minister who didn’t even have public support!

Now, that’s fucking pitiful.


This nation is run by a group of inept, incompetent, self-aggrandizing FUMBLERS!

Hillary Clinton was cited for running the most disorganized State Department. Is she that inept? Or, is she more concerned about feathering her own nest than US policy? Perhaps hiding the true story behind Benghazi which may involve her losing the candidacy for 2016 US President. And leaving the State Department to be run by her nepotistic appointments.

Only time will tell as the remaining 30,000 emails on her private server are being destroyed as I type. No doubt Hillary was up to some really sordid shit fueled by her anti-semitism and greed.

These fumblers are so arrogant, they don’t care that even the most ignorant apolitical person can easily see through their poorly veiled cover ups. But the fumblers do serve a purpose: only they fulfill Obama’s promise of a transparent government.

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