Let’s Drink the Koolaid!

Lambchop, the original “Sock Puppet”

I spent my evening last night at Town Hall, recipient of a hard sell slide show for 20 minutes.

“Positive energy,” was the key word.

I felt those two words directed at me.

Lately, I’ve been named “Satan” for my negative energy regarding Mysteryland, the Netherlands corporation, this generation’s Woodstock. For Mysteryland 2015 is once again in my town. This year, they stand to make $9 to $15 million in four days.

As a good neighbor, Mysteryland contributed to this town by hosting a clean-up of our town garden, the one next to the landfill and the dumps. They got over 100 volunteers of 20-somethings from Manhattan to do “10,000 Hours” in exchange of free tickets.

Kristin Simmons, Mysteryland’s liaison with the local community, explained, it’s all part of Mysteryland’s commitment to supporting host communities.
  • “If you don’t give back to the community, how can you ask to dance on their land?” Simmons said.
“Oh boy,” said the person next to me. “Too bad they didn’t notify local residents of this.”

I avoided that slide show of "10,000 Hours" and happy faces, notably those of the Town Board. Perhaps they’re happy because they also got free tickets including their friends and families. Still, the residents who will be bombarded by free music 24/7 for 4 days get bubkas. Well, free music whether they want it or not - loud enough to rattle windows, doors, plates and brains.

But, getting back to the wonderful "10,000 Hours," days before this event, I spotted en route to the dumps a town truck and a town employee working his butt off on the garden. I wonder, “Is he getting free tickets, too?”

In fact, I wonder who else is getting free tickets or even making any money from an event which’ll rake in the dough for corporate Netherlands outside of three local food vendors out of 36 at the sites and gas stations dotting Rte 17B.

It doesn’t matter. For last night, after the slide show (I almost puked watching the 3 Mysteryland representatives sitting there with smirks plastered over their smug faces getting one over this yahoo town), the Board announced their $10,000 donation (a write-off to Mysteryland) to our business development organization.

That’s .001% of $9,000,000 or .000666% of $15,000,000 that Mysteryland will make, esp. now that they have sold 95% of tickets.

How fucking generous!

Finally, my mother’s sage advice, “You can’t fight City Hall,” sunk in. Okay, I’m a slow learner, but it hit me with a wallop. There was NO ONE at the packed meeting (22 locals, mostly workers from the Highway Dept) who objected to the fact that Mysteryland has carte blanche. According to one rep, there are no decibel limits to the concert so I can’t wait to have my brain cleaved in half.

Well, I’m done. Yet, it’s okay! I’ll drink the Koolaid like everyone else.

Only one thing: What’s in it for me?

# # #

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