Paranoia is Insane

“If you knew how little time people spend thinking about you, you’ll be upset,” some guy at Al-Anon around 30 years ago

The latest scandal (this Administration has numerous ones, actually too many to keep track of), is that your online “friend” may be an undercover FBI agent. According to a news source, it’s another ploy by the Left to bring down Conservatives and Republicans.


As many of my long-term frequent readers know, I’m an accursed “R” aka Republican. Yet, I annoy the shit outta so many Republicans in my community - all 18 - that I’m no longer invited to any Republican affairs.

You’d think they would embrace one more into their fold? Ha! In this mostly Democrat community, state and nation, I continue to don my Republican hat despite the fact that I’m permanently banned from local fund-raisers that provide all-you-can-eat lox. Honestly, I’m despised by the two major parties (mostly for eating all the lox years ago at local fund-raisers when I impersonated a Democrat as well) so much so that my political point of view falls outside those limited boxes.

Yet, it’s my DUTY as an artist, even a self-professed one at that (according to my community), to not blindly follow the masses, but to stand apart and assess, then openly flaunt and poke at hypocrisy. No one, no political party, nothing is immune. I’m an American Charlie Hebdo sans the cartoons and French wit.

It may not earn me any brownie points, but I feel better about myself.

Which brings me to the topic at hand.

My good friend, Laslo, is a researcher par excellence when he isn’t doing creative stuff like putting together my book covers and formatting them for print publications. He knows my interest in pop-science, e.g., string theory, physics, ETs, medical developments, conspiracy theories, politics and history. He used to email me all the time with links to online articles.

But now he simply places them on my Facebook timeline.

Any NSA and/or FBI analyst worth their salt would easily dismiss me as a kook and I’ll go on my merry way writing comedy, satire, porn and oodles of stuff to stir up ire, hackles and liberals.

That’s why I’m not paranoid. In fact, I invite these government agencies not only to my social media, but to purchase my books. There may be hidden messages inside!

# # #

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