That Was NOT Me on the Walmart Cam! UPDATE!!!

Now that I got your attention, please be aware that this post is an infomercial of Cheri Blossum’s literary venture:

Winner of the 2015 National Indie Excellence Award for Erotica


For those of you who don’t know - I’m the publisher, editor and muse of the most raucous 50 Shades parody known to humankind.

The concept is quite simple:

You want porn and bondage? I’ll give you porn and bondage. Mixed with comedy. All based on true stories unlike 50 Shades.

And there you have it.

Soft-cover copies of Secrets & Seduction sell out, mostly to men, the moment I inform them it’s a porn parody. 

These are the reviews (no one wants to put it up online for some reason):

“I rarely finish a book, but this one, well...” 
      A very satisfied customer

“I’m a good Irish Catholic girl. The moment I read nipple clamps, I couldn’t read on.” Guess the violent gay sex scene on page 26 didn’t affect her much. “But now that I know it’s based on reality, I’ll have to re-read it.”

“This puts 50 Shades to shame. So well-written.” 
     A former 50 Shades enthusiast

“Do you date much?”
   A very curious-yellow consumer

The best for last (on goodreads):

Roy Huffrated Secrets & Seduction 5 of 5 stars


Roy Huff is an award-winning best-selling author. In this case, the 5-stars mean a lot!!

Don’t hesitate - purchase your copy now!

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PS: Secrets & Seduction is what happens when you don’t read:

eDating the Old School Way

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