A Quick Lesson in History

Which one has a dick and which one is a dick?

The other day, my friend said about the white woman who thinks she’s black, a NAACP leader in Seattle, “Isn’t that fucked up? She’s WHITE!”

I said, “No, it’s par for the course. We’ve men with vaginas, women with dicks, people who are sexually confused, racially confused and religiously confused.”

But, let’s step back into history, all right?

During the Spanish Inquisition, Jews, fearful of torture and death, converted to Christianity, but practiced Judaism in their cellars. Because of their reluctance to face torture and death, they were called, “Maranos,” pigs, by more ‘courageous’ Jews - the ones who fled Spain and Portugal.

During World War II, many Jews pretended to be Catholic to avoid being tortured and thrown in concentration camps. Stories still emerge of children and grandchildren in shock to find out that their parents/grandparents were really Jews. And they as well.

Jews have changed their names, Anglicized them, esp. in the US in order to “pass” into society. My family is one example.

Throughout American history, light-skinned blacks slipped into white society. They “passed” as white and led lives, married, had careers and children.

Let’s not forget that gays acted ‘straight’ over the centuries so as not to be tortured, persecuted or killed. When I write, ‘straight’ I mean, married and had children.

There are millions of cases of this.

Insofar as the white woman passing as black, honestly, it’s today’s version of “passing.”

Not that I condone anything, it’s just that I’ve more important things to worry about - like Hillary Clinton being elected President. Now, that’s one gender-conflicted, politically-conflicted, anti-semitic, greedy, lying, murdering, ravenous bitch. We know what she subjected her closest friend to in Benghazi. Imagine what she has in store for us.

Glad I got that in!

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Greg Malakoff said...

Too funny. I love your brilliant wit.

Greg Malakoff said...

Read it again. Absolutely brilliant. I'm lucky I have you as a friend.