I’m Gendering Confused

Remove the word, “Dogs,” and replace with the name of your most hated political party. 

When I fell through the looking glass on 9/11, I never expected reality to spiral out of control where any semblance to normal is frigging warped.

The media has relegated full press coverage to Bruce/Caitlin Jenner, a marvel of modern cosmetic surgery. I don’t know what to call him/her as he still retains his penis. What do you call a woman with a dick?

A shemale.

And what do you call a woman with a dick who man spreads?


That nonsense is nothing in comparison to the fact that people will vote for Hillary Clinton as President. She’s corrupt, blatantly so, and STILL people endorse her.

Another WTF moment!

Meanwhile, ISIS smuggled into the US via trucks from Mexico radioactive material to make dirty bombs, but let’s focus on Bruce/Caitlin’s courage to be a shemale.

We’re swamped with illegals who we now have to be politically correct and call, “undocumented,” a nice and fuzzy way to call them wetbacks. In my town, 200 “undocumented” employees were fired from a major company which received tons of tax abatements and grants - the backlash was remarkable. The support for these newly fired illegal workers to receive all sorts of financial aid was nothing short of miraculous, especially since the nation’s unemployment rate exceeds 25% for American citizens. But, let’s cut all benefits to our veterans and the courageous men and women who put their lives on the line so these wetbacks can enjoy the fruits of their sacrifices.

Perhaps I’m an old curmudgeon, but things are topsy turvy and I don’t understand anything that goes on anymore. It’s like teaching bears how to make fire when I debate libtards.

I don’t have to worry much. Sweden’s even crazier than us. They give returning ISIS fighters jobs, money, homes, education and cars, all what they deny to their unemployed indigenous Swedes.

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Joel Krupa said...

Always on point, always blunt, and always a great read.

And as always, one of my favorite authors,

Maura Stone.

Keep doin' you. Love your work.

maura stone said...

Awww, thanks, Joel!! You’re the best!! Especially in erotica and horror.