Introducing Micky Shiloah

Yes, He’s Real! Actor, Comedian, Musician & All Around Great-Guy!

Micky Shiloah is my girlfriend’s eldest child. She has four other children, each one amazingly talented, a reflection of their parents.

Like his parents, Micky is a good sport. To be featured on this blog, I made him jump through hoops, walk on blazing embers and answer my dopey questionnaire before I would post his video:

1. How do you pronounce your first name?

Micky is pronounced just like the Mouse! But no "E" because I'm my own mouse...

2. Does your father consider what you do as a real job?

I'm not sure if my father considers what I do as a real job. I don't even think I consider it a real job. But, my father has always been extremely supportive of me and my ambitions. 

3. Being popular helps in the dating arena?

I assume there’s a correlation with being popular and getting dates, but that doesn't mean the dates will lead to anything substantial. It's more about the human being. 

4. Do dogs dream in color?

That's an interesting one! Since all I've read is that dogs see in black and white, I would assume they dream in black and white as well. But I hope they get to dream in color. 

5. What’s your feel-good meal?

My feel-good meal is a nice, big salad with loads of crap in it! Guiltiest pleasures are NY pizza and Shwarma. 

6. Which is your favorite book:

a) Award-winning & critically acclaimed Five-Star FLEECING
b) eDating the Old School Way
c) Award-winning Secrets & Seduction by Cheri Blossum

eDating the Old School Way is a current, hilarious view on the wonderful world of dating. Hilarious and frightening!!  

7. This is your opportunity to shine. Tell me something private that very few people know about you. I promise I won't post it online... [OK, so I LIED!]

Something private that very few people know......I am pretty much an open book. I'm still afraid of the dark and won't take a shower in a bathroom with a window at night if I'm alone. Because obviously the killer is going to pop up in my window.....

Without any more preamble, here’s Micky Shiloah’s breakout video:

 More on Micky:

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