An Open Letter to the Republican Party in Sullivan County

Down with the GOP!

Dear Chairmen Reince Priebus, Edward Cox, Richard Coombe and Harold Russell Jr:

Almost six years ago when I moved from Manhattan to the wilds of upstate New York, I made the transition and registered as a Republican.

Perhaps you don’t realize this, but to register as a Republican in a predominantly Democrat county was a bold move. I was publicly castigated for being a Republican and socially ostracized as well. Even so, I stuck to my guns. Besides, Republicans today are the Democrats of yesteryear.

However, I was totally unprepared for the cold shoulder from the Republicans in my community. When I was a Democrat, I received daily email notifications and newspapers, magazines, newsletters and letters not to mention phone calls. I was constantly invited to attend meetings, fundraisers and events. Which I did. A lot.

Imagine my surprise that no one contacted me after I registered here.

At first, it was a relief not to be inundated by material as a Republican. After nearly three years, though, I got worried as I’m an active voter. I had to hunt people down to get involved and even so, I still wasn’t contacted about activities or events.

The only invite I ever received was for a fund-raiser. And that was for someone who ran for a local election and the person wasn’t even a full-time resident!!!

Since then, there was silence, a giant void from the GOP.

I have learned to accept that the Republican party in my neck of the woods is a very insular, nepotistic and closed group. It’s a party of a few select people who use their clout and personal agendas to exclude people. Namely, people like me.

To my dismay, I recently found out in a conversation with a highly placed local Republican that the local and county GOP does not accept me!

I’m rather surprised. It’s not as if people are flooding the gates in this community to participate in the GOP. Yes, I am outspoken. I am known for my award-winning books, particularly the porn/bondage comedy and this highly popular blog. I do stand up in town hall meetings and bring up topics that everyone is too afraid to vocalize in public.

I’m the face and voice of who the GOP should represent.

Only one Republican appeared interested in keeping in touch with me - Congressman Chris Gibson. He’s an extraordinary and exceptional man and not a reflection of this Republican party that has turned a blind eye towards me.

So I bid you adieu. I’m not returning to the Democrats for I despise them almost as much as I now despise the GOP. Perhaps this epistle may make you think why people turn against you. Perhaps it may have something to do with elitism, cliques, cabals and being out of touch with people.

Let’s hope the next political party I join would take advantage of my willingness to participate and contribute as a volunteer, my writing acumen, my popular blog and public speaking abilities. For I learned an important lesson with you - doing anything for the GOP is like casting pearls before swine.

Maura Stone
Award-winning, critically-acclaimed Author, Publisher and All-Around Great Gal

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