If you want it, here it is, come and get it
Mmmm, make your mind up fast
If you want it, anytime I can give it
But you better hurry ‘cause it may not last

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To spur sales of both “eDating the Old School Way” and “Secrets & Seduction” by Cheri Blossum, I agreed to be interviewed on blog radio. Click here to hear!

During the interview, I admitted that my alter ego is Cheri Blossum, a former adult entertainer of the 1990’s. {To the gullible, I never did porn, but was a boring banker in the international arena.} No biggie disclosure for those who know my writing style: direct, brash, bold, hysterical. In this case, under the guise of Cheri, I had the freedom to be raunchy as all get go!

I honestly thought people would be aghast and there’d be a flurry of activity. Like, sales.

The joke was on me.

Yesterday, I submitted this press release which only pushes me further into the stratosphere of Crazy People to Avoid Online:

Cheri Blossum, author of "Secrets & Seduction" has been outted! And no one cares!

The author of "Secrets & Seduction," Winner Best Erotica of 2015 is not Cheri Blossum!

Secrets & Seduction by Cheri Blossum

PRLog - July 29, 2015 - NEW YORK -- On June 19, 2015, while on blog radio, Maura Stone, award-winning author, made the most startling revelation:

Her alter ego is Cheri Blossum, author of the hot and steamy porn bondage parody that won the 2015 Indie National Award for Erotica. According to Cheri's biography, she's "a former adult entertainer of the 1990's known for highly erotic films made with her husband."

"With news like that," said Ms. Stone, "I expected the phones and emails to buzz. Instead, nothing."

Except, according to Ms. Stone, "People now believe I was an adult entertainer. You could say that was true in a way because I worked in finance for thirty-six years, a joke of a career."

"Secrets & Seduction" is based on a true story as well as a parody of the latest fascination with soft-core bondage and poor writing. "The concept is quite simple," said Ms. Blossum/Stone, "You want bondage? You want porn? Well, here's the real deal... with a little comedy tossed in for kicks."

Actually, Ms. Stone’s disclosure was a bit of a yawn. "Secrets & Seduction” by Cheri Blossum can be purchased at major online retailers.

The next step is to wear sandwich signs at Times Square.

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