And racism rears up its ugly head... another sleight of hand...

Hey guys, here’s ANOTHER round to distract us from what’s really going on in America:


Heavens to Murgatroyd!

Here we go around and around being so fucking politically correct once more. So outraged, such scandal! So much so that I can barely find anything in the news about the TPP, ritual ISIS beheadings, rapes and anything negative on our beloved Communist NYC mayor, De Blasio. That’s cause it’s all about this latest horror!

Hey, ADD American society - remember this?

OMG - Could that be Ted Danson?

There was rage back then as well. However, he was dating Whoopi Goldberg so he weathered out that storm.


Before I’m labeled once again, I’m totally for Dr. Ben Carson as President. He won’t win at all because the great experiment of change flopped. Which is a pity for he has wonderful ideas. Then again, what do you expect from me, a cursed “R”*?

Incidentally, while I’m on the topic (excuse me for the clumsy segue), there are only 28 Republicans in my county and 27 hate me (unrelated to the incident when I ate all the lox at the “All you can eat” fundraiser four years ago). The hatred emanated from when I dissed a friend of a non-resident here who’s friends, in turn, with someone with ties to the local R party.

Talk about maturity! It’s high school cliques all over again. And these fuckers are in their 50’s and older! They’ve ensured I’m not notified of anything relating to the local, county and national Republican party.

Now, that’s an effective strategy! And I wonder why the Republican party has no clout.

It doesn’t matter. As has been demonstrated with a strong R presence in Congress - greed rules, same old same old.

Getting back to blackface, brownface, whatever - I never found blackface funny and honestly, I don’t get what is funny about it so don’t worry that I condone these actions. My bone of contention is that there’s no such thing as funny anymore.

I mean, if I sing, “Ba ba black sheep, have you any wool?” do you think I’ll be blacklisted as well?

I try, lord knows, I try as a comedy writer. Still, the last bastion  of lambasting was lesbians, but now even that’s verboten. Which explains why comedy sucks today. Not because we can’t lambast lesbians, but we’re so fucking PC, well...

Don’t despair - there’s one thing that’s still allowed in America - anti-semitism! That’s because the Liberal Jews support a Pro-Muslim anti-Israel agenda. Now, that’s comedy all right.

# # #

* Which means, Republican.

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