Cecil vs Trump

Cecil vs Trump

For the fifteenth consecutive hour of mainstream media looping one of the most controversial scandals of all time, the murder of Cecil the Lion by a dentist in Minnesota, I almost broke.

Trust me, no one will remember this murder a year from now. Because it’s another diversionary tactic. Even my liberal friends have remarked on this, especially since this travesty coincided with news that’s rarely reported:

The TPP otherwise known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership was to be signed.

This is one sweetheart deal guaranteed to rope us all into virtual serfdom affecting over 40% of global population.

Yet, Cecil’s murder was the diversion of all. Cecil upstaged Trump who recently has the lion’s share of media coverage.

Now, that’s a major accomplishment!

The bad part about Trump and his theatrics of “The Empire is Nekkid” is that he pushes Hillary Clinton and her shenanigans to the wayside. I have to say “shenanigans” because today, only politicians and public figures are allowed to break the law and never face prison.

Actually, if you’re Republican, yes, you will go to jail. If you’re middle class, a definite yes. But, Democrat, Liberal, illegal alien, nope, you may even become PRESIDENT!

It’s old news about Hillary and her girlfriend, Huma. It’s even older news that Andy Weiner, Huma’s husband, is her beard. And that Hillary kept promoting Huma and double dipping her salary to enrich her.

What isn’t old news is that Huma’s mother is the founder of the Muslim Sisterhood.

That means, should Hillbilly become President, the U.S. will continue its Muslim-friendly stance. And we know what that means! Look at France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark! Hungary is putting up a wall. Italy is fighting tooth and nail! They’re losing their cultural identity as their Muslim populations don’t practice assimilation. In fact, there are more mosques than churches in Sweden.

But, I digress. Cecil was murdered and people want to mount the dentist’s head.

Fortunately, the TPP wasn’t signed... yet... as too many fingers in a pie doesn’t guarantee success to the vested parties. They’re already at each others’ necks, fighting for the spoils.

According to Hillary, “What difference does it make?” It’ll happen soon enough.

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