De-Fuck Political Correctness

Although first performed in 2007, it’s still timely advice from Chris Rock

Donald Trump voices today what numerous Americans have felt for the past six years or more. I personally don’t like the guy or his business practices from my banking days. And, hell no, I would NOT vote for him as President.

Yet, The Donald speaks the voice of reason outside the PC box.

Political Correctness in America has gone too extreme, one step behind Sweden where the government spends money on ISIS terrorists returning to Sweden in an initiative to make these murderers feel warm and cuddly. The average Swede and retired Swede gets none of these benefits, but a non-assimilating non-taxpaying Jihadist does.

We’re almost there.

[Note: You MUST read Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s short story, “Harrison Bergeron” in order to understand where I’m going with this.]

According to my friend, I’m too ornery to fall into line with the upped level of PC spouted and proclaimed. Personally, I enjoy listening to white, educated, privileged people go into apoplexy over racism.

“Black lives matter,” they insist, puffed with phony indignation.

When a white person says, “black lives matter,” I almost hear the age-old condescending phrase, “Some of my best friends are black.”

They’re so full of shit it’s hysterical.

They’ll even vote for Hillary Clinton!

The FBI is probing Hillary Clinton and her galpal for improprieties via emails, security and a whole slew of shit. Yet, libtards still want to elect her as President.

Makes me wanna scream.

Let me make a prediction - nothing will come of the FBI investigation.

You wanna know why?

The FBI is toothless when it comes to political corruption. Unless it’s with a Republican or a Democrat who doesn’t follow the rules of this current Administration.

Remember: the head of government agencies are APPOINTED by the current President and his minions. Outside of hunting down pedophiles, rapists and murderers, the FBI must be PC.

We have the same problem with the FBI in my neck of the woods. In March 2014, in the town of Bloomingburg, NY, "FBI agents raided at least a dozen buildings owned by developer Shalom Lamm - including his offices - as part of an investigation into apparent voter fraud and ongoing corruption. That raid took place just before the village election, in which more than 100 voter challenges brought by Lamm's opponents were upheld by the court.
And guess what? NOTHING HAPPENED although hundreds of votes were tossed out. Right now, there’s a RICO lawsuit going on because of overt fraud, manipulation and illegalities. I expect the RICO lawsuit to be tossed as there’s a lot of money to be made from the Defendants.

Just recently, "A network of limited liability companies tied to a Kiryas Joel developer has given Governor Andrew Cuomo $250,000 in 2015, more than any other source. These donations were made less than a week after the governor vetoed a bill leaders of the Hasidic village described as restricting its development.

The legislation would have required the approval of annexation attempts by local governments within their borders. It was prompted by Kiryas Joel’s attempt to annex 507 acres, which would “make the village up to 70 percent larger.”

A spokesman for the governor pointed to his veto message, which described the bill as unconstitutional. While disapproving of the legislation on July 8, the governor said it ran afoul of Article IX of the New York State Constitution by giving “counties control over local annexation petitions that would not impact a county’s boundaries.”

On July 13 and 14, a series of nine checks from vaguely-titled L.L.C.s entered Cuomo’s campaign account, according to a filing he submitted to the New York State Board of Elections on July 15.”

When you have a governor BLATANTLY accepting bribes, the FBI dropping the ball on voter fraud, trust me, nothing’s going to happen to Hillary.

Except she may be our next President.

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maura stone said...

I was right again! The RICO lawsuit was tossed as frivolous and baseless.