The Biggest News in Town

Forget what’s happening on a global scale with ISIS terrorists and the devaluation of the yuan, on a national scale with The Trump and illegal aliens, on a local scale with elections coming up...

The hottest topic around here is:


This is a big deal. The closest DD is 10 miles away in one direction and 13 in another. We do have a coffee burning (notice I wrote ‘burning’ and not ‘roasting’?) place here as well, but they’re only open three months a year for tourists and seasonal residents.

But a DD that’s open 12 months a year catering to locals, tourists and seasonals alike? It’s like manna from heaven.

Because there’s nothing like DD coffee.

Dunkin Donuts purchased a little building off Rte. 17B and spent months renovating it. Forget about Trump, Hillbilly, Planned Parenthood, local politicians up for a vote - every day, no matter where I go - whether it’s the post office, gas station or airport cafe - the question on everyone’s mind is:


Late one afternoon, I drove by DD and saw four cars in procession, one leaving, the other parked in front of the window with two behind waiting in line.

“Holy shit!” I thought, “It’s open!”

So, I trotted in front of my laptop and posted on my FB community page, “DD is open!”

Let’s say that grabbed EVERYBODY’s attention! The comments on that thread ranged from homophobic attacks to local politics amid raves from DD enthusiasts. At least I wrote something positive.

Incidentally, it’s not open yet.


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