Time-Warner Cable is Going Broke! - and Update!

I’m pleased to announce that Time-Warner Cable is going broke. They must be because they keep charging me over $100 for service that:

(1) I specifically didn’t request;
(2) For a summer house that had its seasonal electricity off; and
(3) Even if I did want that service, I couldn’t use it because my year-round cottage is 10’ away with the same code and password causing service in both places to cancel each other out. (I found that out 6 years ago!)

According to their customer service and Executive customer service, the resolution is for me to pay over $100 for NOTHING!

I don’t know about you, but I’m rather hesitant to give someone $100 for service I didn’t request, for a place that had its electricity turned off and, even if on, would clash against my pre-existing service. It’s almost like putting a gun to someone’s head and saying, “Hand me over $100 or else.”

They got me so pissed off, I canceled that service.

So, now, instead of two accounts, they have one. This is how Time-Warner Cable operates. Eight years ago, I had three accounts with the entire shebang: HBO, Showtime, 200 stations and internet. They pulled so many numbers I canceled one account and reduced the remaining two to internet alone.

I guess I wasn’t the only one to be pissed off by them - over 8 million other people in the NYC area did so as well.

The determination that Time-Warner Cable has to get that $100 for -0- service and not listening to reason shows me, a former Wall Street business analyst with over 36 years of successfully forecasting company performance that:

Time-Warner Cable is Going Broke!!

That may explain the constant internet outages - they can’t afford to pay their electricity.

# # #

Three months subsequent to this post, I received a bill from Time-Warner with a $0 balance. Could this blog post have anything to do with it?

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