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Don’t know about you, but I receive tons of solicitation emails besides the penis enlargement ones. Yet, the only emails that set my teeth on edge are those from people I kinda know who do the hard sell. You know the type: pushy, aggressive, demanding.

In other words, people similar to me.


I don’t do that. Even here in my blog, I’m a soft-core pusher of my books. Which may explain why, despite accolades and awards, I’m not a best-seller yet.

Notice I wrote, “yet”?

Getting back to the topic, the other day I received a blast email from an acquaintance of yesteryear when I worked on Wall Street. He rammed it chock-full of information, all starting with:


In other words, this man wrote about his company, his coaching, his famous podcasts all about getting jobs and his success at recruiting. 

I laughed sardonically. As if there still are jobs in the US! For years, I said there was 23% unemployment. Trump vindicated me with his 25% estimate.

At any rate, after reading four paragraphs, I wondered, “Why is this man torturing me? Why didn’t he bother to spend time to realize that I haven’t been on Wall Street for six years?”

So, I shot him an email in response:

Terrific! Would love to be on your podcast promoting my award-winning books!

The I man: How do any of them fit with job hunting?

Me: As much as your email fits with my vocation of novelist.

The I man: I don’t see it.

Of course he doesn’t - because my point of view doesn’t count, only his. And then it hit me with a wallop - evidently, over six years, I’ve ineffectively marketed my books if this schmuck doesn’t even realize I’m a novelist.

Here we go:

Best Comedy of 2011:

5-Star Rating from Midwest Book Review!
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Best Erotica of 2015:

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Way Before Its Time:

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The book also references numerous times dates at Dunkin Donuts. It was, therefore, no surprise to see this:


Amour Anarchy, a Memoir

5-Star Rave Review from the Midwest Book Review
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