Passing Wind, ahem, Judgement

In my town, swamped with immature adults, I discovered a shortcut to get to know someone instead of wasting years, energy and money.

The secret is to ‘inadvertently’ slight them.

It’s really simple and quite effective: when they say, “Hi,” just ignore them. Then watch out! The resultant vitriol, bile, venom and ectoplasm they spew in less than ten seconds demonstrate how they really feel about you. Sometimes, they’ll even let you know what others think of you, donating names and quotes.

I discovered that people in my town consider me crazy. Class acts that they are, they tell me to my face, “You’re crazy,” or, “You do know you’re crazy.” Instead of social niceties to start a conversation like, “Hello, how are you?”

Perhaps they’re gauging me and how I react towards them!

Refraining from laughter, I smile for two reasons:

  1. In real life, I’m polite; and
  2. Who needs to be confrontational when one blogs?

 This is what judges me (a round-up):

  • An active alcoholic known for beating his wife;
  • A toothless wonder who reeks of tobacco; 
  • Another toothless wonder who is addicted to pot;
  • And still another addicted to meth;
  • A criminal who served time in prison;
  • A woman with a bad coke problem who steals from her family and employees; and
  • A drug-addled gambler who also cheats on his spouse.

Not to be confused with those who know me and actually like me and call me, “Crazy lady,” no doubt after reading eDating the Old School Way or playing on my ‘bad’ reputation.

Kinda reminds me of the campaign Nixon’s cabal did to the outspoken Martha Mitchell, wife of the Attorney General, to discredit her. In 1977, Nixon told interviewer David Frost that, “If it hadn’t been for Martha Mitchell, there’d have been no Watergate.”

Mind you, I ain’t no Martha Mitchell and the things going on in this town and nation are no Watergate (or rather they make Watergate a piddling nothing). But it’s cool making that comparison!

# # #

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