Odd - Updated!!

Until I put up this post, there was a youtube video. Oh well, now it’s even odder!

This is indeed odd. Odder than my friend’s obsession with my socks. (A story for another time.)

Someone whom I don’t know (I gather) posted a nice montage based on my wikipage. At first, I read the facts with bated breath for something evil to be posted. Like, Fact #8, she has 666 tattooed on the back of her neck. (It isn’t true.) Fortunately, that didn’t occur. Talk about dodging a bullet!!

Besides myself and the curious, something tells me it won’t garnish the amount of hits the person might’ve anticipated.

Considering I’m not mainstream, but a cult figure, it’s rather cool to see. Although, the question begs to be asked, has the person who posted this read anything I wrote?

Thank you, Upen Kithardh, whoever you may be, for taking the time out to pay homage to me!

# # #

PS: I shouldn’t have posted this because the video was removed! Oh well, my 15 minutes of allocated fame has been depleted.

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