Pre-Election Madness!

It’s a highly contentious election this year with top posts up for grabs: Mayor, Councilmember, Highway Superintendent, Justice and Legislator. Signage dominates the roadways, some with name mis-spellings (you gotta love this town!), some illegally placed on State signs.

What I appreciate most are the campaign signs dotting the countryside, vying for space between the For Sale and Foreclosure signs, hiding dilapidated bungalow colonies which soon will be off property tax rolls as potential yeshivas and summer camps for Hasidim.

Winning these coveted positions is really important as the elected officials make damn good money in the most impoverished county of New York State. The Mayor makes over $60,000 p.a. with BENEFITS! vs. $2,000 p.a. for the local resident who requires Medicaid, SNAP and HEAP to kinda make ends meet. Almost a microcosm of the national platform, right?

Which makes me pause about re-electing these people. Over the past year, hundreds of thousands of dollars of property taxes were stricken off the rolls as they were purchased by Hasidim. Also, housing was approved despite not following code, which we all know what that means. The result is a significant increase in property taxes onto the already overburdened taxpayers, causing even more For Sale and Foreclosures, a vicious cycle.

Yet, for all the signs and newspaper ads and campaigning (which I didn’t attend because I wasn’t invited), I never received one piece of mail from any candidate.

Now, that’s amazing!

Especially since I’m one of 19 Republicans in my town. (I’ll switch parties AFTER this election.) I’m not liked ever since I ate all the lox at the GOP fundraiser five years ago. Then, I managed to alienate one person who has squirreled into the higher echelons of the local GOP. Mind you, it doesn’t take much to alienate anyone here. I’m persona non grata and my fellow 18 Republicans avoid me like the plague, esp. during election year.

Let’s put it this way: the ever shrinking GOP in my town and county would prefer to alienate one person and their vote in a town and county where one vote actually counts!

A Republican soliciting for a candidate asked me, aghast, “You mean to tell me you’d rather vote for a Democrat instead of a Republican?"

“Hell yes,” I responded. "Because in this town and county it’s easier to rise to the top of a party because it’s small and there’s no true competition outside of nepotism. And then, once that person has attained a high level, that person can change parties.”

In fact, there’s no true difference between parties in my town as all roads here lead to the Cabal, the ones who pull the strings in my community.

Which is why I’m running for Mayor, Legislator and Justice as a write-in. At least I can be impartial and not easily swayed. I can’t be bribed because EVERYONE will audit me. Since I’m not well liked, not too many people will want to deal with me. Not to mention, it’s the most effective way to keep me from writing about this place.

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