Suicidal Liberalism is Here to Stay!

Perfect example of a Suicidal Liberal

I read an article from a noted sociologist where she coined the term, “Suicidal liberalism.” That resonated as it’s an apt description of the libtard.

Right now in France, suicidal liberals got a taste of their own political correctness: they invited in ‘displaced’ Muslims and everything’s going to hell. At least 300 people were murdered for doing nothing more heinous than living their lives.

Yet, the suicidal libtards in America support Muslims with posting this shit on FB:

In Germany, there’s an immediate housing crisis. Greedy landlords are pushing their German tenants out in favor of the displaced because the government will reward them handsomely in rent monies. Germans, historically neat and tidy, have to deal with the messes these displaced people make in buses, subways, shelters, etc. So, they have their schoolchildren clean up after them. And now tax bills have skyrocketed because the displaced will always be on social welfare, having no interest in assimilating, getting educated and joining the German culture and workforce.

This is the price of suicidal liberalism.

Germany should’ve looked at Sweden, which I renamed, “Swedistan.” Stockholm is on fire, there are real no-go zones, Malmo has been infiltrated, the tax burden is so onerous that indigenous Swedes get no benefits, including the elderly and vets, as all the monies go towards the non-indigenous Swedes who do not assimilate or even become citizens. Instead, they infiltrated Swedistan’s government, making it a pro-Palestinian nation.

That’s the price of suicidal liberalism.

I’ve written for years in this blog that Europe’s on fire. Now, with the senseless carnage that took place in Paris, orchestrated, a war is on the horizon. It’s jihad time.

So, if the 1/10 of 1% of Muslims are assholes and not representative of the “good” Muslims, why don’t the billions of good Muslims do something about it? Their overwhelming silence means complicity.

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With kudos to Scott Vorse of who wrote this:

The ISIS-initiated terrorist attacks in Paris prove at least seven things about the policies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton:

1. Strict gun laws clearly stop mass shootings.
2. ISIS is a JV team.
3. “We have contained” ISIS, as Obama declared on Good Morning America just hours before the attack.
4. We have nothing to worry about by allowing 100,000 Syrian refugees into the America.
5. When Obama proclaims a war is over, the war is over, regardless what the enemy thinks.
6. The police are the problem.
7. Islam has nothing to do with these attacks.
The world is spinning out of control. It is time for Oblimination–the complete reversal of President Obama’s (and Clinton’s) failed policies.

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