Getting Ready for the Holidays

Xmas Cookies for that Serial Murderer in your Life

“How much is that broken gingerbread cookie man?” I asked the baker.

“Three dollars.”

“But it’s broken!” I wailed.

“You’re right. It’s now FOUR dollars,” she retorted.

Those were last year’s prices. Today, for a mangled hand-made, hand-painted gingerbread man, it’s $5 a cookie. Then again, where else can I get artisan, freshly made, real ginger, no preservatives or anything cookies?

For those strange people in your life, might I suggest as gifts, perhaps stocking stuffers, the following books which are, incidentally, in a library:

You got that right! Those books of which two won awards in national book contests:

Five-Star FLEECING  
Best Comedy of 2011

Secrets & Seduction by Cheri Blossom  
Best Erotica of 2015

eDating the Old School Way 
Underground Comedy

Amour Anarchy, a Memoir
Rave Reviews from Midwest Book Review

To purchase or more information:

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1 comment:

Denise said...

Stock up on those cookies now and freeze. Next year they will be $7.00 each...