The Wrath of Stone - An Open Challenge

Now I know for sure that certain people up here where I live are certifiable.

Why? you may ask.

Because, given my reputation, they continue to harass me. In essence, pose an economic threat. Like, trying to make my life unbearable, stripping away at opportunities, thinking I’ll leave town.

Mama don’t like dat.

It also goes to show how STUPID some people are. Like, how they don’t listen to all those rumors about me and my ability to wreak vengeance with no exertion, just a simple phone call or even better:

One of my letters. Or blog pieces.

My writing is quite effective. If you want to fuck me up, you better learn how to write otherwise you’re doomed. Because writing is what I do and have done for over forty-five years.

To top it off, I even enjoy standing up at Town Hall and reading my damn letters out loud to be recorded in the Minutes.

Who wants to tangle with someone like me?


After 36 years on Wall Street, in finance, usually the sole woman among men, you gotta ask yourself this question: Is it really worth it?

So, here goes: if you want to threaten me, if you think you can really be a negative force in my life, go for it.

But you better know this: I go for the jugular. Once I let the beast out, there’s no stopping it.

As my mother used to say:

“You use an elephant gun to swat a fly.”


# # #

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