We Are a Nation of Wusses

You don't need a “Hear no evil” because it has already been censored!

I just read two articles in The Post this morning. One was about how a business owner cursed out his employee and fired him in front of the staff because he stole money from the company. The other is about how another business owner threatened to stab his employee in the neck because he quit to work for the competition.

Hell-o? Is there a problem here?

Political correctness aside, people f-bomb all the time, especially in business. In the first case, the employee was upset that his boss conducted this in public.

Really now???

In the second case, honestly, I believe a ritual disembowelment should occur.

Now these two former employees are COMPLAINING?

Another W T F moment!

When I was 22, I was an Executive Secretary III in the International Department at a Fortune 10 company. I walked into the CEO’s office with paperwork believing he was alone. He had his back to me, looking out the window. To my right, I saw the CFO seated, cringing.

All I can recall is that the CEO said in a quiet, level voice, “You fucking bastard, you better get this fucking right otherwise I’ll eat your balls.”

Or something quite similar to that.

Holy Mackerel - call the presses! A CEO cursed and threatened to eat someone’s balls!!

I honestly believe all this PC crap was invented to make us overly sensitive babies disguised as a way to improve and eradicate prejudice and hatred. Toss that inability to express ourselves into the mix with our dummied down education, irrational fear of guns, poor healthcare, the care of illegals over our Vets, acceptance of every sexual and racial self-delusional identity possible, coddling terrorists as misunderstood, allowing tainted foods from China into our supermarkets (not to mention GMOs not labeled) and total reliance on the government as it has become our major employer and guess what you got:

Soft underbellies ripe for the plucking.

To those middle-agers who read this blog, remember the Killing Fields? The Khmer Rouge murdered all the intelligentsia and adults so they can create a Communist empire with molding the kids.

We got the ‘bloodless’ Killing Fields going on right now! This time with adults. But what do I know? I’m a hater all right.

# # #

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