Do Danish Eat Danish?

Evidently they do, according to this painting by Gerta Wegener

“Did you see The Danish Girl?” asked my friend. Or, should I say, my gay friend. 

“Nope,” I responded.

“Oh, it’s just so beautiful!” he gushed. “And so heartbreaking. It’s about the first transgender to be operated on.”

“Oh, wasn’t that Christine Jorgensen, right?”

“No, before her.”

“Billie Jean King?”

He looked at me askance. “No, she was born a woman. This person was born in the late 1800’s. You MUST see this movie!”

So I did. And let me tell you something, it left me cold.

Simply, I could not relate. Not at all. And no way can I. It doesn’t mean that I’m reviled or upset or angry.  I’m indifferent to transgenders and their plight.

In this politically correct world, I’m a dinosaur. Yet, in this PC world, a world which defends Muslims who throw gay men off rooftops, stones women after they rape them and celebrates ritual beheadings, someone who can’t relate to transgenders should be despised.

Instead, I’d rather watch a movie about a woman who accidentally walks through a portal to a parallel universe where the U. S. President destroys his country, a Presidential candidate is a notorious criminal loved by the masses, gays and lesbians support Muslims, rapes are the fault of women, chemtrails poison our air and water, we’re fed contaminated food from China as well as GMO products here, education and medical care fell by the wayside and we’re told that this is a booming economy.

On second thought, forget the movie. I’m living this horror show.

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