It’s About Time!


For years now, I’ve blogged about this PC disease - how everyone, well, mostly libtards, is offended by any remarks. And how we have to toe the line. Especially in humor.

FINALLY, people are awaking to the fact that once you toe the PC line, then even the fringe elements become the norm.

Like transgenders. Guess what you call a woman with a dick?


And a man with a vagina:

Let’s guess with that one! No, it’s not a trick question.

Like BDSM practitioners and their slogan: We love differently.

As far as I’m concerned, love has nothing to do with paying someone to inflict pain. Wait - I’m wrong, that could be a definition of marriage.

Celebrities are crawling out from under their beds and adding their two cents. I selected a smattering of videos:

And one of my all-time favs - Dennis Miller - must see video:

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