Hats Off to Apple. And I Lost a Cat!

Last seen hitchhiking on Route 17

Where we left off at the last blog post: 

My late-2010 27” Mac desktop display screen suddenly went black. Through a series of mishaps and misadventures en route to getting the thing repaired as it was archaic and obsolete, I discovered on the website that this was a glitch, a known one. That would cost $600 to repair should I find someone to make the repairs.

Momma don’t like that.

I didn’t do a thing besides write the previous blog post and settle into the fact that my Mac desktop would make a wonderful planter.

The following day, miracle of miracles, Kirsten phoned from the Apple Executive Office. Right in the nick o’ time as I was about to perform my mad scientist routine: to open the Mac and make the repair myself following a youtube video playing on my Macbook Air 11”.

Seems my Mac was on the cusp of obsolescence, not totally obsolete. If I move fast and make the almost 2-hour journey through back roads to the Apple store soon (like in a few days), they may have the part and repair it for me


Truth be told, I looked forward towards dismantling my 27” Mac desktop and sating my curiosity.

Just like how I sated my curiosity when I took my cat outside. I only had him three days in total.

He’s a two-year old feral cat living in my friend’s greenhouse. For the past six months, Jane fed him when he came to her house.

“He’s so sweet,” she said repeatedly. “But my three other cats won’t leave the house because of him.”

He went back and forth from her house to that of her mother-in-law’s. Both properties are farms next to each other.

Her mother-in-law complained. “He’s terrorizing my cats! If you don’t get rid of him, I’ll shoot him.”

Knowing I’m petless, Jane waged a campaign, telling me amusing anecdotes involving the feral animal and sending me adorable text messages from the cat.

I broke down. Even though I’m highly allergic to cats, Jane reassured me he’d be outdoors. “He spent two years living outdoors. But, can you keep him inside for the next few days? It’s below zero right now.”

I had no idea what was in store for me. He was easily trained to go in the box. However, the putrid odor of his poop woke me in the middle of the night - more fetid than the skunk who lived under my cottage for two months.

“Oh, it’s the musk,” said Jane. “I’ll chip in with you to get him fixed and that odor will go away.”

He was small and sweet. Only when I had my back turned did he become evil. He also wanted to escape. I have the claw marks up my walls onto my ceiling as proof.

Two days after we had his balls cut off, it was a gorgeous afternoon. I walked outside with him in my arms. He squirmed, clawed me and sprinted.

It has been three weeks. Jane and I searched high and low.

“I should’ve known better than to give him to you,” she groused. “More than likely he’s in a burlap sack in the center of the lake.”

My friend, Laslo, said, “He’s feral. More than likely the little bastard will show up months later as if nothing happened.”

But something did happen. I’m getting a kitty! Up here with all the farms there’s always a cat giving birth in spring. Now I know better as the feral cat is the starter cat.

What does this have to do with Apple? Not much except the axiom, “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.”

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