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Watch this video from start to finish!

Now that I got your blood pressure high, I can relate more mundane things. Like finishing this joke:

A criminal, a communist and a businessman* enter a bar. Not together, mind you, but within a few seconds of each other. They sit at the counter and order.

After they were served their drinks, the criminal then turns around and says to the two others, “I’m going to be President of the US. I fit all the categories: Liberal, Lesbian and Lethal. The American people are so stupid they’ll vote for me while I rip them off of their rights and money.”

The communist says, “People will vote for me because I’m for the underdog. I’m a Jew who believes that people should get everything free! Of course, my friends and family will be exempt from paying for this free stuff for these idiots.”

The businessman stares at the criminal and the communist. “If Americans vote for either of you two, then they deserve the fate they deserve.”

The barkeep comes over to get paid for the drinks and the criminal slinks away, the communist points at the businessman before scooting out and the businessman says:


*Initially, I wrote billionaire, but Hillary is up there in net worth as well. Have no idea nor am I interested in Bernie’s net worth.

Should Hillary win, here’s a scenario:

Sharia law comes in through Hillary’s love of Huma and Huma’s mother, a renowned terrorist who created the Muslim Sisterhood. Not to mention Hillary’s love of money with payola and graft from contributions in exchange for contracts (whew!) with Arab nations. Women will wear burkas, Jews will be killed and Christians enslaved, our economy will plummet even more and Hillary along with other gays will be pushed off the tops of buildings, making this a new Olympic sport.

Should Bernie win:

I can’t even envision this. A Jew as President? Well, it could be possible. After all, we have a Muslim President.

Should Trump win:

Pride in being an American will be restored. Confidence is a big deal. With confidence, people and companies will open up wallets and make investments. We need a future to aspire towards, not shrink and collapse the way we have done for so long.

Call me an optimist. As I wrote before, I don’t like The Donald, but I like his style. His ability to frustrate the shit out of everyone, his off-the-cuff remarks, his sincerity towards “making America great”. 

In comparison to the criminal and the communist, Donald got my vote.

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