A Word from The Dr. Greg

Very few people have the balls to say what's so.

Dr. Greg (he's a real medical doctor) is an amazing orator on Facebook. His rants knock it out of the ballfield. He gave me carte blanche to lift any onto my blog. This is a much milder one:

With having 15 to 20 people participating in my longer than usual rants, people who don’t [participate] ask me privately why I bother. Could it be because half the country is applauding a career criminal psychopath that can go on national television last Sunday and state that the FBI director Comey supports her and gets away with it? 

That the liberal media actually said they want to beat the crap out of the mother who grieves over the loss of her son in Benghazi, for which Hillary is responsible, while going berserk against Trump who commented about the grieving Muslim family because their son was killed by Muslims in a war that Hillary voted for and Trump had nothing to do with is insane. 

I have to say though, they do have a point about Trump possibly being too thin skinned for the job, but that is not my point. My point has always been that the list of hypocrisy is endless and nauseating. I enjoy doing this because of all the people who don’t engage in these conversations, but complain about them on their [Facebook] page. Or just give me dirty looks when I’m out and about. 

Knowing that I irritate them so is strangely very rewarding. Knowing that the Democratic party is burning American flags outside the convention while having to be coaxed into putting some up on the inside, praising thugs that kill cops, knowing that students on American college campuses are fighting for the abolishment of free speech, providing fundraising for terrorists, things like that, also keeps me going. I understand it is hard for many people to stomach Trump; I certainly can’t, but it is a choice between him or our country never being America again. 

Hillary has proven that she could care less about America in dozens of ways, but forget about that. Her position is that America shouldn’t exist. It is based on capitalism and she wants socialism and when gets caught, lies and says she doesn’t. 

I don’t want our lives more regulated than they already are. My vision of her vision is that we will all in every minute aspect of our life deal with the mentality of a DMV clerk that we have to beg for permission to do anything. I can see having an emergency that calls for extraordinary measures, but the clerk will only be able to allow you what is in their rule book. No exceptions can be made, no exceptions are possible. 

If you were bleeding out in front of that government worker on a Sunday at 6 PM and in the rule book it states they can’t deal with blood on a Sunday between 6 and 7PM, he will let you die rather than risk losing his pension. It sounds stupid and ridiculous and yet it’s already here. 

We have been dicked with so slowly, for so long, that we don’t even know why our asses hurt. If you live in California, you don’t even know why you are thirsty. It’s not because we don’t have all the water we need - it is because our Democratic politicians insist that hundreds of billions of gallons of water be thrown out into the ocean every day while putting up vague meaningless signs on the freeway telling us to conserve water. 

People think I exaggerate at just how dangerous Democrats have become, but when they promote policies to make the state die of thirst I just have to finally take a stand for sanity.

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