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Sometimes insomnia pays off. I couldn't sleep and decided to google my evil alter-ego, Cheri Blossum, and came across this gem:

Writer Cheri Blossum said to be perfect for cameo...

Writer Cheri Blossum to make Cameo Appearance in "Unsolicited Material"
It has been rumored that Cheri Blossum  (best selling writer) could be making a cameo appearance in the "Unsolicited Material" movie as numerous reports online stated that Cheri Blossum visited the film's screenwriter, sparking a speculations that the Hollywood heavy will be in the satirical film about an East Los Angeles Hispanic youth going up against a big Hollywood studio.
morgan freemanCheri Blossum could not be reached for comment. 
However, writer Alan Nafzger has stated that Cheri Blossum was originally written into the script and will indeed make an appearance in "Unsolicited Material" and stated that the scene is something unexpected and would probably be in the most hilarious of the film highlights. Although he did not elaborate what happens during the scene Nafzger also teased other character cameo appearances in " Unsolicited Material". 
MOVIE SNEAK PEAK --> Unsolicited Material 
It has been reported that "Unsolicited Material" could have two other cameo scenes and the first one is a shout out from Morgan Freeman, Hollywood icon and one of Nafzger's favorite actors.
beyonceThe third cameo in the film will be Beyonce, who will appear as a sexy musician having the tire on her luxury car changed. 
According to the screenplay, in the series of cameos these "Hollywood Heavies" give an aspiring young Hispanic male gets "terrible advice" on getting his screenplay read. Nafzger added, you have to have thin skin to do something like this. It is a comedy of course, and I'm elated to know they celebrities can take a bit of poking." 
harvey_weinsteinThe movie pits a young Juan Rodriguez and his mentor African American Joseph Jefferson against the Hollywood machine. Rodriguez works repairing and changing the tires of the Hollywood elite. Jefferson works as an overnight security guard. The story involves everything leading up to a fateful meeting with a Hollywood executive - Harvey Weinstein
Screenplay critic Trevor Mayes commented, "Given the current controversy over Hollywood diversity, this film is genius as all the emotions and economics of the black screenplay are exposed to a funny bone but also irritating a raw nerve." 
Film director Rod Lurie said, "The truth is, those academy members will watch movies that deal with the heroism of the African-American community or the history of blacks, like '12 Years a Slave,' because that interests them. What doesn't interest them is the current black experience or black culture. A screenplay like 'Unsolicited Material' is a huge debate about the underlying economic assumptions made the film industry." Lurie is an Israeli-American director whose work includes "The Contender" and AMC's "Hell on Wheels." 
Manohla Dargis wrote in the New York Times, "The screenplay questions what the literary scholar James English calls 'the economy of prestige'". After you see this film your prospective might be changed. 
The screenplay was written by newcomer Alan Nafzger, whose was discovered when recently skyrocketed to the top of google searches for "unproduced screenplays." Lynn Elber the Associated Press Television reporter said, "Clearly one of the most prolific new writers there are numerous projects there ready to film." 
Cheri Blossum (writer) perfect for cameo role...
Cameo role just right for writer Cheri Blossum 
Writer Cheri Blossum might have important cameo role...

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